7 Myths About Intimacy That We Need to Forget About



When it comes to relationships, couples need to forget about listening and paying attention to myths and they need to focus on the reality of their situations instead. We all hear the statistic about roughly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, but did you know the average married couple only has sex 68.5 times per year? In addition to that, 60% of couples admitted they’re unhappy in their relationships.

So even though you’ve probably heard all of these myths over and over, it’s time to let them go forever.

1. Men are usually more sexual than women

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Not true. Every person is different and every couple is different.

2. Opposites attract

How many times have you heard this one in your life? Small differences are to be expected, but the chances of your relationship lasting if you’re with someone who has a similar value system as you are much higher.

3. Happy couples have sex all the time

Turns out this one isn’t true either. Sex doesn’t always equal happiness.

4. There should never be secrets in a healthy relationship

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You and your partner should both be open books with each other, right? No secrets, right? Wrong. Harmless or potentially hurtful and insignificant secrets are not a big deal. Guess what? Your partner doesn’t need to know EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT in your head or EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE you’ve had.

5. Happy couples should sleep in the spoon position

Only 18% of couples actually sleep this way. Do what makes you comfortable! Don’t belive the hype!

6. You shouldn’t be attracted to other people

The traditional thinking goes that this will lead to a breakup at some point. Not true. Humans are attracted to many people. It’s in our DNA. Of course, it’s up to you not to act on these feelings…

7. Having a baby will solve your relationship problems

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I feel like this is one of the most common relationship misconceptions out there. If a couple is already having issues, the stress of a new baby may add more difficulties to the situation.

h/t: Bright Side