7 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-Un

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The only way to really find things out about the world’s youngest dictator is through observant journalists or reports from South Korean intelligence. So, in the spirit of knowledge, here are 7 of the weirdest ones we could dig up.

7. No one knows how young – or old – he actually is

Photo Credit: East News

And that’s because we have no record of his date of birth.

6. He loves basketball

Photo Credit: East News

Which is perhaps why he’s so fond of Dennis Rodman. For his part, Rodman says that “maybe he is a psychopath, but I didn’t notice that.”

5. We know nothing about his childhood

Photo Credit: National Post

Even this picture, which came out in 2014, may or may not be of him. Who knows?

4. He seems to smile in every photograph

Photo Credit: East News

Why is he smiling? Wouldn’t we like to know…

3. He picked the girls in a North Korean pop group

Photo Credit: Getty

Weird, right? But how better to ensure the right message gets out than to pick the members of Moranbong yourself?

2. Like his father, he lives without the need to use the restroom

Photo Credit: East News

So says his official biography.

1. He was educated in Switzerland…under a different name

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He registered as a member of the embassy and attended the school from 1998-2000, and is remembered by classmates as a funny person who was more interested in sports than politics. Oh, and his academics were sub-par – maybe because he knew he wouldn’t need to interview for a job during his lifetime.

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