7 Things That Can Be More Useful By Using Them Differently

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It probably comes as no surprise that there are items in your house that have multiple uses – or are even intended to be used in more and better ways than you might realize!

Here are 7 pretty interesting second uses for common household items!

7. Olive Oil

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We know that oils that can be used to spruce up your skin and hair, but you can also use it to darken your leather shoes. The more layers, the darker it gets!

6. Red Solo Cup

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Those ridges on there? They’re not just for gripping – they’re actually measurements!

5. Muffin Tin

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Use it as a condiment tray! Or really anything you need to separate for kids or at mealtimes.

4. Ketchup

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If you’re blond and experiencing that green tinge to your hair after a bad dye job or too much time in the pool, Sienna Miller says 3 tbsp of ketchup under some plastic wrap for 30 minutes will fix it right up.

3. A clothespin

Photo Credit: Instructables

This one seems particularly useful to me – use one to hold a nail in place so you don’t hammer your thumb. Yes!

2. Binder Clips

Photo Credit: Life Hack

You can Google or check Pinterest for multiple ideas, but they can be used to organize cords around your desk.

1. Spaghetti

Photo Credit: Livre-Athee

In need of a long-handled match? Don’t buy any – just light a stick of spaghetti.

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