8 Totally Bizarre Bigfoot Theories


Bigfoot has captured the public’s attention for generations. But we’re obviously still no closer to figuring out whether the whole thing is a scam or there really is a huge creature out there stalking around the forests of North America. And there is a whole community out there of folks who have their own beliefs about Bigfoot.

Here are 8 odd theories about the hairy creature from deep in the woods…

1. Bigfoot is a ground sloth

One theory posits that Bigfoot is a relative to anteaters and armadillos. Sloths have internal testicles and people who subscribe to this story think that’s why we’ve never seen Bigfoot’s balls. Also, sloths digest food slowly and these believers think that’s why no one has ever found Bigfoot poop. Oh, and since he has a sloth stomach, he can go for weeks without food. And he moves very slow, like a sloth, in the famous footage shot in Northern California in 1967.

2. Disease almost destroyed the Bigfoot species

As we’ve all learned in our history classes, Europeans brought deadly diseases with them to North and South America when they colonized the New World. The introduction of these diseases resulted in the deaths of millions of Native Americans. This theory states that the same fate befell the Bigfoots. This tale goes on to say that Bigfoots are intelligent and have decided to remain hidden in the years since, hence the reason they are so elusive.

3. Bigfoot is invisible

We’re now moving into science fiction territory. People who subscribe to this story believe that Bigfoot is able to disappear by a few different methods. He can cloak himself when human beings enter the forest. He can vibrate at such high speeds that he distorts light and becomes invisible, and others believe his translucent hair and dark skin allow him to blend into the forest without ever being seen.

4. Bigfoot is psychic

Photo Credit: Listverse

A woman named Linda Jo Martin is convinced that Bigfoot is so good at not being seen because he is psychic and knows when humans are entering his domain. Sounds pretty convenient.

5. The creature is actually a troll

This theory assumes you believe in Bigfoot and trolls, so it’s kind of a double-whammy. Trolls exist on a different plane and are more “vibrations” than actual beings, so that’s why us stupid humans never see them. And any physical evidence that a Bigfoot would leave behind would magically vanish.

6. The government is hunting Bigfoot

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Paranormal investigative group Cryptoid Crew believes that the US government is hunting down and killing Bigfoot. They also believe that a special SWAT unit is tasked with hunting down and killing the monsters when needed.

7. Bigfoot is an alien

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

Could Bigfoot be an extraterrestrial who occasionally visits Earth in his UFO? Some people definitely believe it, and these beliefs go all the way back to 1888. Some believe that Bigfoot works for aliens and helps them retrieve gold and other metals from Earth to power their spaceships. Finally, one conspiracy theorist states that Bigfoot is actually a robot that was built by aliens. The aliens use these Bigfoot bodysuits when they need to visit Earth. Whew!

8. Bigfoot is part human, part lemur

A veterinarian from Texas named Melba Ketchum believes that 15,000 years ago a giant lemur that is now extinct mated with a female human. The outcome? Bigfoot! Ketchum collected a variety of skin, hair, and blood from unknown sources, tested them, and then drew her conclusions. Hmmmm. We’ll have to wait and see which direction the Bigfoot community veers off into next.

h/t: Listverse