9 Librarians Who Have Had It Up To *Here* With Trying To Guess What Book You’re Looking For



Anyone who has ever worked with the public in any capacity (ex-waitress, here) can tell you that there are days when you love it, days when it’s not so fun, and days when you think if you hear the same question one more time you might actually lose your mind.

At least these librarians have found healthy, hilarious ways to release their tension – no mind losing or hair-pulling required!

9. Yeahhhh, that’s not much to go on

8. I feel like being a librarian is akin to being on a game show 24/7

7. I mean sure, it’s trolling, but it’s also helpful

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6. Same

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5. That should be enough information…

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4. Old You has learned to move on. Brava.

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3. Take the wins where you can get them, I say

2. Why, yes. YES, I AM.

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1. And then, it’s inevitable…

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