9+ People Share Stories of Power Going to Someone’s Head



People just love to get a teeny tiny bit of power and let it go to their heads. You see it at work, school, pretty much everywhere.

It can either be hilarious or infuriating, depending on the situation. People on AskReddit shared their stories of major power trips.

1. Damn kid…

“My 5 year old won the kindergarten olympics.

He was a complete a**hat for about a week.”

2. A living hell

“A girl I worked with was promoted to assistant manager at pizza shop because she was the only one there that was 18. She went from an okay worker to not doing anything and making my time there a living hell. I eventually quit and was asked to come back after she was fired.

5 years later, I got a random Facebook message from her apologizing for being such an a**hole during that time.”

3. Mad with power

“Probably to my own head. When I was about 8 years old I was asked by my teacher (because I was being well-behaved I assume) to stand by the whiteboard whilst she was talking about something and write the names of people who were talking/acting out on the board. I went mad with power and wrote people’s names down who just looked at me funny.”

4. He didn’t last

“First Night I made one of our Bar-backs into a Bartender he started bossing around other Bar-backs.

Not like asking for help, but like yelling orders at them.

Dude really showed his colors, he didn’t last.”

5. Nerd alert

“When I played Halo 2, I joined a fairly large clan that had some pretty cool people in it. We did a lot together and every once in awhile, they would elect a new forum moderator/officer to run the ranks. One day, they elect this kid who sounded like he was 11 to be new officer. He seemed pretty down to Earth but the very next day, he gets home from school and starts kicking every single person from the clan who just even slightly brushed him the wrong way. It was so bad that the leader, who was on vacation in Hawaii, had to log on a library computer in order to strip all powers from this kid.

The kid’s reasoning was that he didn’t get picked for a baseball game at school and was angry the rest of the day.”

6. Lady at the post office

“There is this lady at the post office who insists I show multiple forms of ID and looks at me like I’m a criminal everytime I try to mail something… as if the first thing I’d do with a stolen credit card is try to mail a $6 package…”

7. Overqualified

“I was real young and got a job detailing cars at a Chevy dealership. The only other dude was like 29 and was telling me, very proudly, how “overqualified” he was for the job we did. Which was washing/cleaning the cars and putting them back on the lot..”

8. PA life

“Alright so I was a PA (Production Assistant, the lowest of the low on a film set) for a Kelsey Grammer submarine comedy called “Down Periscope”. One guy was given the meaningless title of “key PA” and decided he was going to help wrangle background extras for this big exterior shot were working on.

Now everyone, including the extras, KNEW that the camera was probably framed in a medium closeup on the principal actors, who were doing a scene wayyyy down at the end of a dock. Nonetheless Key PA Guy took it upon himself to start blocking out whole entire scenes of these background extras. I’m talking CROWDS of people. YOU GUYS OVER THERE! You’re families of the sailors who haven’t seen your husbands in 6 months and you RUN from the bus to the fence. BUT YOU GUYS are cadets who get in the way and YOU GUYS are arguing about which car has the right of way. Then ALL YOU KIDS start clapping because you see a BIG DOGGY pulling his owner so fast he TRIPS OVER THE LEASH.

Like second unit on a Michael Bay movie. He had these people doing his made up little scene over and over and over. He’d yell at them, tell them they did it wrong and reset them “Back to One!” to start over. Madness.

I walked by the guy and noticed this was going on and said “You know the camera is pointed the other direction right?” He just laughed and said:
“I know.” “

9. Ouch

“Honestly…Reddit mods. There is no oversight and they can ban without review…but….you know…within the limits of their subs…and bans only sort of work. Had a picture post taken down once because I “altered” the picture.

I’d rotated it so it would be upright.”

10. Pulling rank

“Guy in our JROTC program thought since he had a higher “rank” than everyone else, he was essentially a hardened combat veteran. Yelled at people for talking in class, looking at their phones, stupid shit like that.

Lost his position and got suspended because he threw his “ex girlfriend” into a wall at mach speed.

This girl was Special Education, had some kind of disorder with her legs so she couldn’t walk without a walker. Everyone (even the teachers) hated him after that.”

11. Power trip mode

“I once worked part-time doing inventory – we would go to stores like the Bay, Wholefoods, and literally count everything on the shelves with our fancy dancy machines. This one man was given “leadership” of the home section. Now he wasn’t actually given any management power, made the same amount as everyone else, all that. Just literally he was told “ok you and these people are going to the home section, divvy it up however”.

He went full power-trip mode. Micro-managing how I counted towels. Patrolling the aisles watching us all. Yelling unnecessarily. From that day on, he was known as King Tut.”

12. Pyramid scheme

“Being a pawn in a pyramid scheme. You literally just paid for the opportunity to sell crap products and all of a sudden you’re a “business owner?”
#bossbabe #workingfromhome #momlife #livingthedream”

13. Writers

“I used to hang around on a forum for erotica writers, and my God, you’d think the mods were minor deities the way they acted. It was a constant bashing of newbies for daring to ask questions, and being super condescending to anyone who wasn’t in their little clique. One of the girls actually managed to get a publishing deal — a small imprint, but still; it’s a big deal when you’re a writer — and the mod banned her for some trumped-up reason which everyone knew was basically _horrific_jealousy.

Newsflash, buddy: we’re all self-publishing stories. Let’s try and keep some perspective, aight?

I don’t hang out in writers’ forums anymore.”

14. Banned

“I used to work front desk at a salon. There was a slightly more experienced position directly above mine, basically the only difference being that they could count the drawer and knew how to get into the safe.

She once “banned” me from taking my purse with me to the bathroom with no reason backing it (when in reality I did that because I’m not a super huge fan of leaving my purse unattended, and, ya know, tampons.).

Well, now I’m a stylist there.”

15. It’s under control

“Years ago, while working at a pizza place, our manager had to leave on a family emergency and left a girl in charge until one of the other shift runners could get there…and he lived about 45 minutes away.

In that 45 minutes, this girl who was left in charge actually called one of her friends and hired her saying she was “the manager” now, wrote me up for “putting too much cheese on a pizza”, and actually told one of the drivers he was fired because “she didn’t like his attitude”. When the shift runner got there to take over, this girl also told him not to worry about it and she “had things under control”.

End result…her friend was not hired, my “write up” for using too much cheese was torn up, the “fired” driver (who never left the parking lot) kept his job…and she quit a few days later because we were “unprofessional” and the manager “played favorites”.”

h/t: Reddit