A Boy Destroyed a $132,000 Sculpture, Parents Slapped with the Bill



Parents, keep a close eye on your kids when you’re out in public – if you don’t, it might end up costing you big time. Some parents in Overland Park, Kansas found this out the hard way. As they were preparing to leave a wedding reception at a community center, a couple’s 5-year-old son hugged a sculpture entitled Aphrodite di Kansas City. The sculpture then crashed to the ground and was destroyed.

Photo Credit: City of Overland Park

The parents got an even bigger shock when the city’s insurance company asked them to pay $132,000 to cover the cost of the demolished sculpture. The letter to the parents read, “You’re responsible for the supervision of a minor child […] your failure to monitor could be considered negligent.” The parents claim the sculpture was not secured and that the community center is at fault.

Keep those kiddos on a leash, people!

Luckily (?), the whole incident was caught on video. Take a look: