Skiers and photographers brought the fanny pack into vogue in the modern world, with a need for food, money, flares, lenses, etc to be on hand and easily accessible at all times. Like most trends, however, the overexposure in the 80s and 90s killed the cash cow – with sports teams and banks and schools and everyone in between plastering freebies with their logo, people soon had enough.

However, cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have quietly kept on keeping on, wearing the useful packs while on their regular outings… and here we are. Designer labels are again offering high-end pouches, and fanny packs are credited with a 2018 surge in accessory sales.

Which is all to say, while you may never see people wearing them with their track suits on a regular Tuesday again, it seems safe to say that the fanny pack is a useful tool that will always have a comfortable niche among humankind.