A Bunch of Men on Twitter Came Unglued at the Mere Mention of a Female Playing ‘The Joker’

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Male comic book nerds continue to flip out about gender-flipped heroes (and villains), even though Dr. Who, the Ocean’s cast, and Ghostbusters have all been rebooted with women at the center (and Wonder Woman was, arguably, one of the best superhero movies to come out in recent memory).

Case in point: writer Geraldine DeRuite jokingly suggested reasons why the Joker should be re-cast in the new Batman to be a woman.

Her reasons were pretty hilariously on point, too…unless you’re a man with fragile feelings and stuff.

Because guys. They cannot handle it.

Image Credit: Twitter

At some point @everywhereist started playing misogynist Twitter Bingo and became the hero we all deserve.

Moral? Be careful what funny and insightful thoughts you decide to put out there on Twitter.

The misogynists are waiting….