A Collection of the Best 1990s Memes


Growing up in the 1990s didn’t make us special. I’m not mad at these “damn kids today” because they don’t know what dial-up is. I’m thrilled for them. It was horrible. Nobody deserves that.

Nevertheless, it hits some sweet, sweet spot in the brain to let memes transport us back to a time in our history that seems to have been curated entirely by that orange Nickelodeon blob guy.

I wonder what he’s up to. I hope he’s found work. Let’s reminisce with some 90’s memes in his honor.

15. I didn’t even have cable, so even this felt like luxury

14. Nobody ever bought these, they just sort of appeared

13. Seeing this meme is how I learned there’s a Rugrats reboot coming

12. The higher the hair the closer to God

11. This was broken 10 minutes in

10. Back when things were “on” at a “certain time”

9. Give your little brother the bad controller

8. I had two sisters and these were scattered everywhere

7. My heart literally just skipped a beat

6. Then DVDs came along and you’d end up returning them because “they had the black bars”

5. I mean, the world was slightly less on fire

4. It’s impossible to explain now why we thought these would be valuable


2. Bottom right still gives me anxiety

1. Who could forget “tent pants”

Well, realizing how long ago all of this happened makes me think I should probably go join AARP.

While I’m gone, tell me in the comments what your favorite distinctly 90’s thing was.