A Hockey Player Reached Out to Anna Kendrick and Twitter Users Chipped in to Help Him Out

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This is Anna Kendrick, big-time Hollywood actress.

And all I’ve gotta say is… dayum!

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a weekend in the country

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And this is Anthony Beauvillier, hockey player for the New York Islanders.


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Playoffs baby!!!! Here we go ????????

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Beauvillier decided to reach out to Kendrick on Twitter and, to his surprise, he got a little help from his friends. Actually, I’m not sure if he even knows these people, but they’re probably his friends now.

Here’s how Beauvillier tried to get Kendrick’s attention.

Okay, probably not the most original introduction in the history of mankind, but, still, he gave it a shot.

But then something miraculous happened. People on Twitter got behind “Beau” as he’s known to hockey fans and they started to chip in with stories (that could possibly be categorized as “tall tales”) and compliments to help boost Beauvillier’s image to Kendrick so she’d go out on a date with him.

There was the time Beau saved those kittens.

And then he gave another fan a kidney.

And remember when Beau saved all those puppies? And this guy thankfully mentioned how HUGE Beau’s cup is…hint hint.

Apparently, the guy is handy in the emergency room as well.

All in one day?!?! This guy can do it all!

And then we have this absolute gem.

Finally, this friend of Beau’s went above and beyond in the compliment department…

Some really great friends right there, don’t you agree? I’d think any lady would be hard-pressed to deny a guy like this a date.

Here’s how Anna Kendrick responded to all the hoopla on Twitter.

Nothing further on this story yet…we’ll see if this one ends up in a love connection.

What do you think? Would you have been so bold?

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