A Man Found His Late Mom’s Kindle and All Her Hilarious E-Rotica


When I write me will, I think mandating that someone erase my browser history will be a top priority.

Or maybe I’ll just leave it all behind for someone to be hilariously mortified by, like Reddit user commander_reload was when he came across his late mother’s old e-reader.

He laid out the story on the subreddit “Today I F*cked Up”:

Setting the scene, I (36M at the time) and my older sibling (41F) were working through our recently-deceased mother’s (74F) possessions in order to clear her house. We stumbled upon her Kindle during our room cleanups, and my sister came out with the fatal line:

“Awww, she used to love reading. I know she’s bought tonnes of books from Amazon over the years. I wonder what she’s read recently?”

Blithely, I opened up my mother’s Kindle library and, well…

What he found was an impressively wild variety of hot hot e-rotica.

He snapped a couple pictures of the screen to share.

And yes, it gets better…

You might notice at the bottom there it says we’re on page 2 of 100. There are nearly 1,000 titles in total, each more amazing than the last.

The user notes:

“Hot Cooking Spanker” takes on a new dimension when you consider her former occupation as a chef.

Suffice to say, the expression on my face made my sister grab it out of my hands. Turning bright red, she muttered “I knew I shouldn’t have introduced her to 50 Shades”.

This is the kind of discovery that could embarrass anyone to death, but ESPECIALLY a Brit.

I am also British…which is why this evokes a level of cringe beyond what you might normally expect.

We – and certainly folk of that generation – do not discuss sex, as a rule.

But he overcame that very English stigma to share his tale with the internet, which means I now have to spend the rest of my natural life wondering what the hell “Feeding the Farmer’s Partner” is about. I offer no judgement, only deep confusion.

What would you do if you found something like this in your parents’ stuff? Laugh? Scream? Get a new identity and move far, far away?

Let us know in the comments.