A Sneaky Professor Caught Cheaters by Setting up a Fake Answer Key Online

Image Credit: Pixabay


Teachers have to deal with cheaters. No matter how hard teachers try, kids are gonna find a way around the rules. And I imagine that the advent of the internet has only made students more creative and harder to catch.

But don’t worry, because cheaters aren’t going to get away with it (always). Professors and teachers are getting more creative, too, and are making sure nobody gets an undeserved grade on their watch.

A Reddit user, Mwxh, shared this story about how his old engineering professor set a trap for – and caught – a good number of his students cheating on an exam.

Not my revenge, but my professor against cheaters from ProRevenge

First of all, I had no idea there were websites out there now where people could ask and get answers to homework questions. I’m sure many use it responsibly, like the original poster, but man. What a bunch of malarky (and get off my lawn!).

Second, for everyone sympathizing with the kids who are shamed…no. They cheated. They deserve what’s coming to them. Full stop.

Third, never assume that because a person is old, they don’t understand technology. Especially if that person is an engineering professor.

Cheaters never prosper, my friends!