A Survey Claims Half of American Women Are More Stressed by Their Husbands Than Their Children


I can hear most of my married friends out there responding to this headline with some version of “duh,” but look – now there’s proof that we’re not just impatient aholes!

The survey, done by Today, surveyed 7,000 American women and found that the majority of us are stressed due to not feeling as if there are enough hours in the day to complete all expected tasks, and that 75% of us feel as if we’re shouldering the majority of both parenting and household duties.

1 in 5 mothers said that one of their major stresses was a lack of help from their significant other.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Also interestingly, the stress levels play a role later in life, too. When a wife passes first, the husband’s health tends to deteriorate, but when the husband passes first, the wife tends to become healthier and deals better with stress and depression.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but this is likely because the husband leans more on the wife than vice versa.

If you identify a trend like this in your relationship, you can try writing down all of the daily/weekly duties and splitting them evenly.

Might as well give it a shot!