A Twitter User Predicted the Funny and Inevitable Expansion of the Disney Empire


At some point, Disney went from “that company that makes the princess movies” to “that gargantuan mega-corporation who owns the concept of entertainment.”

Honestly, where does it stop?

Twitter user @TriptonicSounds wrote out his idea of the timeline of some sort of Disney dystopian (Dis-topian?) novel and it is spellbinding. Gaze into the future of our corporate world, if you dare.

Prologue: A History

Chapter 1: The Near Future

Chapter 2: Resistance

Chapter 3: Civics

Chapter 4: Espionage

Chapter 5: We Are the Law

Chapter 6: Total Monopoly

Chapter 7: Scapegoats

Chapter 8: No Small Parts

Chapter 9: La Resistance Lives On

Chapter 10: Wanted Men

Chapter 11: To Infinity and Beyond

Chapter 12: Mars Needs Moms

Chapter 13: Micky & Pluto

Chapter 14: Hyperdrive

Chapter 15: Wolverine

Epilogue: A Cautionary Tale

Welp. That was quite a ride!

I need to go rock back and forth in the shower for a while.

Will you welcome our new Disney overlords?

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