A Woman Leaves Her Boyfriend Sweet Notes to Help His Depression and They Will Make You Feel the Love



It’s so important to be surrounded by positive, compassionate people in your life. And this story perfectly illustrates that fact.

If you or any of your loved ones have ever struggled with depression, you know it can be extremely crippling and can affect your life in a number of negative ways.

A man who suffers from seasonal depression has a lovely girlfriend who helps him through the hard times, even when she can’t be near him. The two are in a long-distance relationship. He lives in North Carolina and she lives in Jamaica. The man shared the series of notes that his girlfriend left him in his apartment to help him work through his depression.

He wrote on Twitter “My gf knows that I suffer from seasonal depression, and in order to help me with it she left me random messages in my apartment to make my smile. It’s been a week since she left and I’m still finding them the most obscure places.”

Here’s the first note he shared on Twitter, and she encouraged him to get out and go to the gym. Always a great idea!

And, of course, some inside jokes were in order.

Some good night notes are always helpful.

She also left some great notes to wake up to in the morning.

Another note included some helpful advice like letting light into his apartment and eating healthy meals.

And he was still finding notes even six days after his girlfriend left.

Her final note looked ahead to a bright future for both of them.

He summed it up pretty good with a final tweet in the thread.

It’s pretty obvious these two love each other a lot, despite the physical distance between them.