A Woman Was Alone at a Screening of “Cats” and Tweeted the Whole Thing

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The recent movie adaptation of the stage play Cats received a lot of publicity. Most of it wasn’t good. Like, at all. You know what they say, though – all publicity is good publicity – though I just don’t know if that’s always true.

There were actual fans of the play and of the actors who signed on for the movie (so many stars!) who were excited to check it out.

One such person is Australian Brydie Lee-Kennedy, who has to try so hard to check the film out at an open air screening it seemed like the movie was trying to save her from herself.

When she first arrived, no one else was there.

Three people did eventually show up, along with…more bats than that.

It is Australia, though, so creepy wildlife is expected and, I imagine, planned for.

The spot where they were viewing the film (or trying to) usually sells out, so everyone seemed a bit confused about what was going on.

An employee suggested it was because the film was for children (it’s the opposite of that), but Brydie and her friends soldiered on.

Then, the sound went out.

And a thunderstorm showed up, much to the delight of some.

The employees at the outdoor theater eventually canceled the showing, even though the audience had been there for two hours and had only seen (but not necessarily heard) about 15 minutes of the movie.

Kennedy said that even though she was actually looking forward to the movie, she thinks that the apocalyptic nature of the showing was appropriate and exactly how T.S. Eliot would have wanted it.

And that’s how a woman from Australia came to give one of the best non-reviews of Cats at a time when bad reviews of Cats were something of a contact sport.

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