A YouTuber Builds an Impressive “River Table” With Thousands of Colored Pencils


Nick Zammeti calls himself an “artist, woodturner, maker,” though I’d probably go with “crafting wizard.”

He handmakes everything from beaded-bowls to Baby Yodas to Borg cubes and shows off the creations on his youtube and instagram.

One of his recent projects went viral for its novel concept and satisfying build process.

Behold the Colored Pencil River Table!

“What’s a colored pencil river table?” you may ask.

It’s pure whimsical goodness, is what it is.

Nick encased thousands of colored pencils in a clear epoxy, and shaped it into a sort of suspended liquid design perfectly slotted into the table and spilling out onto the floor.

It’s the sort of thing most of us would never even think of, much less have the skills to pull off.

It’s dirty work, but by golly, it’s gotta be done.

Check out the full build video from his channel:

What’s the thing you’ve made that you’re proudest of? I’m sure there’s something, right? Right???

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