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Aestheticians Share Their Biggest Client Horror Stories

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Not every job is a glamourous endeavor.

Sometimes you work in the deep underbelly of the world, making things work behind the scenes and helping society function as a silent hero.

And then there’s aestheticians, people who work in salons or a spa and remove unwanted hair—often with wax.

And sometimes things go wrong. Beauty isn’t pretty, it would seem.

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, some of these stories are certainly NSFW.

Be warned.

Reddit user, Hairy-Whodini, wanted to know:

“People who shave or wax private parts for a living – what are your horror stories?”

It’s Nature

“Laser Tech for 4 years. Lady started her period on the table mid session. Luckily the area was completely covered for sanitization and I was almost done zapping her. Finished up and sent her on her way.”

“She was MORTIFIED, I felt bad for her. Not her fault, aunt Flo is a nasty cruel bitch sometimes. Lol. She gave me a generous tip tho, that was nice.” ~ JadedFennel999

Stepping Up To Be Practiced On

“I wasn’t the practitioner but my BF and I were practice models thanks to my high pain tolerance and he was the only male willing to do it. They did sugaring practice…”

“I had a girl get her hand sugar wax glued to my arm for 20 minutes, another get her hand stuck literally to my bf ass cheeks, and a third girl got her glob of wax stuck to her own face.:.all in the span of one session.”

“I felt so bad for them, the trainer had to go get the dissolve spray stuff to unstick everyone.”

“Also one girl apparently accidentally got a tampon stuck to the wax and pulled earlier that week…” ~ S3xySouthernB

Missing. Parts…

“My mom was an aesthetician and she told me of a horror story she had. A woman came in for a Brazilian waxing, a regular of my mom’s.”

“My mom said that she must have been dehydrated that day, which can make the skin easier to tear, because when she pulled the strip way, she ripped her lady bits. Blood everywhere.”

“My mom described it as ‘looked like a bowling ball down there’.”

“The woman was totally chill and made a joke saying something along the lines of ‘I guess I won’t be having sex for a while!’ It took a while to heal but she eventually did go back to my mom as a regular again.”

“And made sure she was hydrated.” ~ 

The Worst Class Of All Time

“When I was in cosmetology school, we had to practice Brazilians on one another. My usual class partner (who was chefs kiss at waxing) wasn’t there for the day it was my turn to be waxed, and I was partnered with another girl.”

“I liked her as a person but omg she had no idea what she was doing.”

“She wasn’t pulling my skin at all so I was trying to grapple down there and make everything taut. She was waxing in improper directions, and PULLING THE STRIP THE WRONG WAY THEN HAVING TO REWAX AND DOING IT AGAIN.

“A classmate stood over my face at one point and asks ‘how’s it going?!’ and I SNAPPED. Do NOT approach me while my coochie meow meow is being massacred.”

“The prof ended up having to take over. By the end of it, I had burns, some tears, and my entire no no square was red for a week. 0/10 do not recommend.” ~ funnygirlsaywhat

Take. A. Shower.

“I talked to a beautician friend about this once so I’ll just get the big one out of the way…”

“People who don’t wipe properly and lie about it like they did.” ~ MrShortPants

“Who the f-ck doesn’t shower before this sort of thing?” ~ prostateExamination

Even The Instructors Get It Bad

“Not my story, but our teacher in beauty school. She was waxing someone on her period (not uncommon, just wear a tampon) and she didn’t realize that the wax had stuck to her tampon string.”

“When she went to pull the strip, the tampon flew out and was obviously an embarrassing mess. Now we’re taught to put an applicator over the string or push it out of the way while laying the strip.” ~ supagirl277

“One of my instructors in beauty school told us about when she was a student and her class learned to do waxing (back then cosmetologists in my state were taught to wax everything but these days we only do neck and above).”

“Her instructor grouped the ladies up and then told them, ‘ok, go ahead and remove everything below your waist’ and the students proceeded to wax each other. Talk about getting to know your beauty school pals well!” ~ BurningValkyrie19

Please Don’t Talk To Me…

“While in esthetics school during Brazilian training I was a model for 2 girls. One of the girls spreads my butt cheeks apart to the point my skin was hurting to evaluate the situation and she commented on how nice my butthole was.”

“Will say it was extremely awkward and interesting sitting there on all 4s while they wax me lol. Just for reference, typically when waxing you start from the back coming forward or at least that’s how we were taught” ~ Kashhuu

Take. A. Shower. People. It’s Not That Hard.

“Oh wow I have so many. I am a full body waxer and I probably do 15-25 Brazilians a day.”

“The amount of women who come in with poop in their butts is ASTOUNDING. Like it’s a regular topic of convo between me and my coworkers.”

“I used to have a male Brazilian client who would always tell me I was hot during his wax and then ask me to leave the room when I was finished so he could get dressed (in private, after I already saw the whole kit and caboodle??).”

“And then there would always be a mountain of tissues in the garbage. Not discreet bro.” ~ msnic21

Throw Away The Entire Internet

“A coworker was doing this nice lady’s bikini. When the time comes to do around the butthole, the lady grins and says « you’ll get a little surprise! »”

“So coworker, of course, wants to know what she means, client tries to get cute by going « oh, you’ll see, haha! » Coworker stands her grounds so the clients finally says that she was back from a trip where she got some sort of butt worms that she called her « little buddies » and that she says are « very cute, haha! »”

“Coworker sent her out without touching the client’s butt.” ~ Leipreachn

“Oh Damn. I’m leaving my phone in the garbage just reading that. Goodbye!” ~ RegularLisaSimpson

Just All Of The Worst Stuff

“STDs, unknown smells, unknown discharge, and a guy who blew his load everywhere while I was waxing his balls. Beauty industry is not glamorous at all.” ~ _3309

Oh. My. Lord.

I think I’ve hit my TMI limit.

Written by Robert Acosta

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