After Selling for More Than $1 Million, Banksy Artwork Shreds Itself


Leave it to Banksy, one of the world’s most eccentric (and anonymous) artists, to pull something like this off. At a recent Sotheby’s auction, his piece “Girl with Balloon” sold for $1.4 million — a whopping three times more than the artwork was estimated to fetch.

However, the highest bidder was in for a big, surprise. A shredder was built into the piece’s ornate frame, and when the auction ended, an alarm went off and “Girl with Balloon” was shredded to pieces in front of a dumbstruck crowd.

Photo Credit: Instagram,banksy

Here’s a video of the incident.

The Sotheby’s listing noted that the frame is “an integral element of the artwork chosen by Banksy himself.” No word yet on next steps for the person who bought the piece. Were they in on the prank? I guess time will tell. But Banksy has announced that he was in the room when the shredding went down…