An Abundance of “Cat Ladders” Makes Switzerland a Cat-Lover’s Dream

©Wikimedia Commons


Everyone knows that cats pretty much live to climb all over everything. Whether it’s shelves, furniture, tabletops, or your head, kitties gonna climb. They also crave the freedom to explore their neighborhood on their own terms, coming and going as they please (if they’re an outdoor cat, at least).

Naturally, then, it would make sense that cat-loving apartment owners might want to create some way for their cats to still be able to go in and out without needing to learn how to operate a door code. It just makes sense, right?

Clearly it did to the people of Switzerland – particularly the residents of the city of Bern, where “cat ladders” seem to adorn just about every building.

The cat ladders come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all pretty impressive. Get a load of these ingenious ladder designs for the Swiss kitties.

1. Action shot

2. All the way up

3. Makeshift

4. Planks

5. Couple of different ones

6. Colorful

7. Here she comes

8. Epic

9. Above the snow

10. Circular staircase

11. On her perch

12. That’s a big one

13. A smaller one

14. That’s a cool one

15. Right by the front door

A photographer named Brigitte Schuster has a whole book of Switzerland’s cat ladders. Take a look at her website to check it out!