Anti-Jessica Tweets for Anyone Who’s Ever Had Bad Experiences With a Jessica

©Unsplash,Max Ilienerwise


We already gave the guys named Matt out there this treatment, so now it’s time for the Jessicas to answer for their past transgressions.

Jessicas – no matter how you spell your name – your time is now.

Let’s take a look.

1. All of them…

2. Ouch! That one burns.

3. It’s just so true

4. Hmmm. Think about that…

5. You can’t trust them.

6. This is very accurate.

7. I’ve witnessed this personally.

8. Looking for his soulmate.

9. That is not cool.

10. Isn’t that cute?

11. Might be time to change your name.

12. Jessica wrote that!

13. Any takers on this one?

14. Let’s hit Daytona Beach!

15. Mom, let’s have a talk.

Wow, some of those are pretty harsh!

What do you think? Have you had some bad experiences with Jessicas in your life?

Let us know what you think in the comments…and you’re one of the good Jessicas out there, we apologize…