Artists Share Their Creative Talents on Facebook in the Group “Quarantined Cabaret”



There hasn’t been much good news to come out of this whole COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. We’re stuck at home with our families, we’re still trying to work, we’re washing our hands so much our skin is cracking, we’re worried about our parents and our friends with crappy immune systems and how we’re going to pay our bills.

In short, we could all use a break a few times a day. And if you ask me, it’s in times like these that the creatives among us are at their best.

This Facebook group, called Quarantined Cabaret, is inviting singers and dancers and actors from all over the world to post their talents in order to connect, to continue to create, and yes, to lift everyone’s spirits.

People are singing showtunes…

Sorry for being basic af but I love this song and I can’t sleep 😭 here’s the first part of “For Forever” from Dear Evan Hansen

Posted by Glenn DeVar on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

And popular music!

My little contribution to the Quarantined Cabaret. 🥰

Posted by Kelsey Toney on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

They’re dancing, if that’s what makes them happiest.

Hey Y’all!!! The sun was out today so I thought I’d try to re-learn some tap choreography from college. I love hearing all y’all sing, but dancing feeds my soul the most.Warnings:1) I miss a few sounds/get off the music2) The sun is in my eyes so I’m making some strange faces3) I definitely thought I broke the deck during one of the last sectionsI was going to apologize for the aforementioned shortcoming of this video, but have decided not to…ENJOY – The BS Chorus

Posted by Gena Loe on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

They’re including their kids and dogs and rolling with the punches.

Some Beatles love from The White Family. (Note around 40 seconds in when Miles channels his inner director and proves to be my child 😅)

Posted by Ashley H. White on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

And even coming up with original content related to the coronavirus.

The Little Mermaid, self quarantine edition. I’m not an amazing singer, and I burped partway through (I know, TMI), but my dog, Remi, liked this take best.#QuarantinedCabaret

Posted by Lynsey Hale on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

This one is my personal favorite, so please enjoy.

I’ve had a request to do a full rewritten version of the song so pls enjoy- I recorded some extra background music on the piano and stuck that in there too 😏 #thisvirussucks #QuarantinedCabaret

Posted by Mattie Lillian Davis on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Guys… this is absolutely the best thing to come out of the quarantine situation so far, and I’m going to continue to “waste” time scrolling through posts.

I hope they never end!

Let us know which of these you love the best in the comments! 😀