AskRedditor Tries to Pose Serious a Question but Gets Hilarious Responses Instead

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AskReddit is a forum where users can pose open questions and people can get on and respond. Some of them turn into epic threads that are funny, touching, horrifying, or most often, a little bit of all three. But there was no way this guy could have guessed at the pile-on that would happen when he asked the seemingly innocent question “what movie helped you through a rough time?”

Everyone had the same answer, as it turns out. Huh.

#10. Swingers was a fail

“A friend had me watch Swingers after a breakup. Didn’t work. But, Paul Blart Mall Cop did.”

#9. A reason to live

“A while back I was in a dark place. I’d been depressed for a long time, and my life was spiraling out of control. I was unemployed, spending all my time alone. The only social interaction I had was spending Sunday evenings at my parents house. My parents, my sister, her son, and I would eat dinner and watch The Incredibles, my nephews favorite movie. Looking back, those Sunday nights were the only thing keeping my head above water.

Even so, I got to the point where I just wanted to end it. I was eating what I had planned to be my last meal with the TV on in the background, when I heard something familiar. The Incredibles had just randomly come on. I got slammed with memories of Sunday nights. I freaked out and changed the channel, and what comes on but Paul Blart Mall Cop.

Kevin James gave me a reason to live.

Also I bought a segway.”

#8. Inspired

“I was going through a really tough time until I saw Paul Blart Mall Cop. I was so inspired I got a giant Kevin James head and put it in my bathroom.


#7. Good as new

“I watched Paul Blart after I got the sickening post ejaculation feeling, was erect in seconds.


#6. People get you

“This’ll probably be down voted but Paul Blart Mall Cop helped me get through some shit, truly an inspiring film

Edit: I could not be happier that this is my highest rated comment. I hope I have inspired those who hadn’t yet seen the genius that is Paul Blart Mall Cop to do so.”

#5. Take a break

“Seriously, reddit is weird sometimes. I find it helps to take a break from the internet for a while, and watch Paul Blart Mall Cop.”

#4. We will rebuild

“I was at my lowest point, with a failed relationship and the loss of my business. I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop and then started picking up the pieces. Thanks to that movie I was able to rebuild. Will recommend.”

#3. It’s a miracle

“Paul Blart Mall Cop cured my cancer, saved my dying great uncle, and got me over my heroin addiction. God bless Kevin James’s warm, overweight soul.”

#2. A grievous time

“I saw Paul Blart Mall Cop after my grandpa died back in December and just being able to laugh really helped me.”

#1. Hope for the future

“I’m currently going through a tough time. Can’t wait for Paul blart 2”

Laugh or cry. Pick one.