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    People Share The Facts That Were Hidden From Them As Children

    Breaking: It has come to our attention that in most places it is NOT, in fact, illegal to have your vehicle’s interior cabin light on at night. It’s just really distracting and annoying. Some day some parents decided it was just easier to say it was illegal and it kind of stuck since then. Parents […] More

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    World Travelers Share The Cities That Disappointed Them The Most

    It’s been said that traveling changes the way you see and exist in the world, that it expands horizons and fosters a sense of connectivity. It can also be absolutely miserable. Reddit user 0_7_0 asked:  “What city disappointed you the most when visiting?” Growing up traveling, I remember my brother’s biggest disappointment was the discovery […] More

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    People Share Their Best Grocery Store Hacks

    It’s becoming increasingly clear we’re all going to need to learn how to stretch every food dollar we have as far as possible. Whether you’re preparing for a post-societal-collapse-dystopia, impending depression (financial or personal; we don’t judge) or you just like NOT spending money you don’t have to, this article is a useful one. So […] More

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    People Explain Which Discontinued Foods They Wish Would Make A Comeback

    Growing up, I was convinced Vienetta cakes were the absolute height of fancy-time. In my kid-brain, each layer meant a level of formality or celebration and since there were clearly a bazillion layers in this thing, it had to be the fanciest dessert of all time. They discontinued it when I was relatively young, so […] More

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    Chefs Share The Best Cooking Tips All Amateur Cooks Should Know

    If you’re anything like us, this pandemic means you’ve had a sharp spike in your cooking show viewership. We’ve spent the last year and change being baking champions, totally nailing things, chopping our way through challenges, and scoffing at everyone who tries to make a risotto in round one (that rice is totally going to […] More

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    People Break Down The Best Free Things On The Internet Not Enough People Know About

    Fact: People love free… and also people are suspicious of it. We’re all so used to getting spammed, ending up in a time-share meeting, or getting added to yet another call list when we hear “free” we kind of cringe. The up-side of that caution is only getting five calls about your car’s extended warranty […] More

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    People Share Little-Known Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

    In a perfect world, none of us would need to know or use any of the information we’re about to go over. We don’t live in anything remotely close to a perfect world. Tragedies happen, accidents occur, life gets heavy. In those moments, the thing that tips the scales might be something as seemingly unimportant […] More

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    People Share The Absolute Scariest Space Facts They Know

    For some, outerspace represents a sense of hope and advancement. For others, the cosmos has more of that whole “terrifying hellscape” thing going on. This article is probably going to vibe a bit more with group 2 than the “space, the final frontier” set. Reddit user Zjaf asked: “What’s the scariest space fact/mystery in your […] More