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    People Break Down The Most Savage Backhanded Compliments They’ve Ever Heard

    We are, to our knowledge, the only species on earth that uses complex language and as such the only species on the planet that uses insults. Can’t really go around just insulting everyone who gets on our nerves though, so we developed a work-around that saves face while also taunting someone else. According to […] More

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    People Imagine Which Species Would Rule Earth If Humans Didn’t Exist

    Humankind has walked the world for just about 6 million years. In the 4 Billion year lifespan of the planet, that’s practically a newborn. Of course, we’ve been busy.  We built cities and highways and slowly became the dominant lifeform on this little blue world. Using our opposable thumbs and massive brains we cultivated the […] More

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    People Share Their Best Medical Tips That Everyone Should Know

    Medical science has come a long way in the last few decades—to say nothing of the last century. The rapid innovations and near-constant shifts in the field have left some struggling to catch up. So Redditor  ATOM-Tomzej decided to get some quick tips and facts about medicine in our modern age. Of course, just as […] More

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    People Who Signed An NDA That’s Expired Finally Spill The Tea

    The Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA , is a tried and true method for keeping a secret. Hollywood, corporations, political groups and even everyday people all use NDA’s to prevent the spreading of information they don’t necessarily want out in public purview. The trick, though, is NDA’s have expiration dates. Redditor SkullLikesCreepiness just had to ask:  […] More

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    People Explain How A Mistake They Made Actually Made Things Better In The End

    We all make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Some errors are massive, having profound ramifications that impact the rest of our lives while others have more limited consequences. Turns out, though, that not all mistakes are the end of the world—some are the beginning of something fantastic. Redditor HypnoViber pointed out this phenomenon when […] More

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    People Divulge The Darkest Facts They Know About Cartoons

    *The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm. Cartoons have a special place in our memories. The tinkling sound of the cereal hitting the bowl. The calm of the house settling around us. There is something brightly nostalgic about those memories, something almost too good to be true. Of course, if something seems too good to […] More