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    People Explain Which Facts May Sound Fake But Are Absolutely True

    A lot of us enjoy discovering unusual and wild facts, but honestly, sometimes the facts we discover are so out there, we struggle to believe they are true. Some of us even become angry when we discover something is true, because it’s so hard to believe! Redditor ejaybugboy asked:  “What’s a terrifying fact that keeps […] More

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    People Confess Which Scary Facts Actually Keep Them Up At Night

    There are all kinds of truths in the world that are fascinating, but there are also some that are absolutely terrifying. So much so, these facts can keep people from sleeping at night. Redditor OHBSquishy asked:  “What’s a terrifying fact that keeps you up at night?” Some thought about abstract ways they could die. “If […] More

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    People Share The Most Frightening Facts About The Big Blue Ocean

    Most of us have visited a beach next to the ocean at least once in our lives, and it’s fun to spend time there with friends, soaking up the sun, and splashing around in the water. But also as the AskReddit pointed out, it’s unsettling to think about what else is out there beneath the […] More

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    People Share The Coolest Mathematical Facts They Know

    While many of us rushed through our required math classes as quickly as we could in high school and college, some people really found joy in those classes. After spending several more years studying the subject, they also discovered there were many more fun facts to mathematics than Geometry and Calculus may have suggested. Redditor […] More

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    911 Operators Describe The One Call That Haunts Them To This Day

    WARNING: mentions of violence, suicide, death Though many of us have difficult, exhausting jobs, most of us are fortunate enough to be able to say our work is not especially scarring. Emergency dispatchers, on the other hand, have terrible stories they could tell. Redditor Onatic420 asked:  “911 Operators, what call scares you till this day?” […] More

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    People Share The Absolute Weirdest Facts They Know

    In our primary school years, many of us took great pride in the weirdest, most fun facts we could spout out to our friends and family members on command. Some of us, though, never lost that passion and continued collecting factoids about the world around us. Redditor lovedump44 asked:  “Reddit, what is the weirdest FACT […] More