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    Aestheticians Share Their Biggest Client Horror Stories

    Not every job is a glamourous endeavor. Sometimes you work in the deep underbelly of the world, making things work behind the scenes and helping society function as a silent hero. And then there’s aestheticians, people who work in salons or a spa and remove unwanted hair—often with wax. And sometimes things go wrong. Beauty […] More

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    People Explain Which Unwritten Rules They Always Abide By

    Standards for a life well-lived will obviously vary for everyone. Though the internet will tell you there’s a few simple rules to follow—Don’t be a dick, Support one another, etc…—there can be those unspoken laws which you live your life by that no one else follows. The silent credo you keep in your mind, guiding […] More

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    Lawyers Describe The Most Messed Up Court Cases They’ve Ever Seen

    Crime is the one thing we’d all prefer wouldn’t come in many varieties. Unfortunately, a quick talk with any lawyer over drinks and you’ll hear of some of the worst parts of society they’ve had to defend. While some might venture into the weird, there are those criminal cases which fall under the “horrific” and […] More

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    People Explain What Makes Them Nervous No Matter How Many Times They Do It

    The world is a dangerous place sometimes. According to a study by the CDC in 2018, nearly 24.8 million doctor’s visits were the cause of some sort of accident. While the odds are still in your favor of nothing happening to you when you step outside the door, the chances of it happening at all […] More

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    People Explain What They’d Want To Do With Their Final Hours On Earth

    The average human lives an approximate 692,040 hours on Earth, according to a recent sleep study done by Dreams mattress company. This tops out at 28,835 days, or roughly 79 years. While it might sound like a long time, considering time is ticking away as you’re reading this, we never have as much as we […] More

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    People Share The Saddest Historical Facts They Know

    They say history is written by the victors, but who would ever want to write about some of these tales? The hardest truths to read about are the saddest ones, where terrible tragedies and awful atrocities happened to real-life people. Maybe reading about them in hindsight will make things easier? Or maybe it’ll just make […] More

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    People Explain What You Should Never Do On A First Date

    First dates can feel trickier than they actually are. What starts out as a memorable first encounter can quickly turn south if you put too much thought into it. At most, a first date should attempt to establish a line of connection and if there’s the chance for something more serious to occur. Turns out, […] More

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    People Divulge The Coolest Facts About The Human Body They Know

    It’s easy to dismiss everything going on inside of us as unimportant and anyone who didn’t pay attention in high school biology class might agree with that statement, but the human body is a wonder of science and nature.   By all accounts, we all appear mundane on the outside. We are all of us […] More