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    People Confess What Instantly Ruins Their First Impression Of Someone

    First impressions can only happen once, so we put a lot of weight into them. Whether it be making a friend or interviewing for a job, it can effect the outcome of future relationships. There’s a phenomenon called the “halo effect” where we associate perceived positive qualities about someone based on one quality of similar […] More

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    People Describe What They Actually Used Their Personal Computer For In The 1980s

    During the Super Bowl of 1984, Apple debut a commercial inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. The commercial was announcing the release of their first personal computer called the Macintosh. But was the computer actually used to keep “Big Brother” and the threat of totalitarianism at bay like the commercial said it would? We […] More

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    People Break Down What They Are Always Willing To Pay Extra For

    In today’s economy, we’re often looking for the best deals, the biggest sales, the most worthwhile coupons. But sometimes there are things you just can’t skimp on. Sometimes good quality comes at a higher price than we would like to admit to paying. What makes it worth the extra cash? We went to AskReddit to […] More

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    People Confess The Real Reason Why They Quit Their Job This Year

    This year, an incredible amount of people quit their jobs. So many people left that media have started calling it The Great Resignation. In August, 4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some believe that people are quitting in droves because of government supplements available during the […] More

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    People Share The Best Non-Sexual Experiences Someone Can Have

    There’s a great meme that started going around in 2011 that says, “Yeah sex is cool but have you ever…” and the poster would fill in the blank with something like garlic bread or other wholesome versions. People may choose to be celibate or sober for a number of reasons. During the shut downs and […] More

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    History Buffs Share The One Fact That Always Makes Them Laugh

    Prehistory became history when we were able to start recording and conveying what humans were doing. Some say it started with cave paintings or rock carvings, some believe it started with Sumerian cuneiform, or the Egyptian hieroglyphs which happened around the same time. Some say the many cultures that used oral histories continued our first […] More

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    People Share The Best NSFW History Facts They Don’t Teach You In School

    Everyone who has gone through a history class in the United States likely learned about things like dictators, leaders and Presidents of the past. Teachers will tell you about World War I and II. You might learn about people like Benjamin Franklin, Ivan the Terrible or Catherine the Great. However, you might not know some […] More

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    People Who Work For The Super Rich Share The Craziest Thing They’ve Seen On The Job

    Super rich people—meaning those with an excess of money far beyond the average person—will do some odd things simply because of their wealth. But if you had more money than it’s possible to spend in one lifetime, would you not be tempted to get a bit creative? Redditor NeighborhoodTrolley asked: “People who cater to the […] More

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    People Share The Best Life Hacks They Know

    Life hacks have been the Pinterest mood board of the year ever since all we could do for 2020 was sit at home and figure out ways to make our lives a little easier. Urban Dictionary tells us that a “Life Hack” is: “A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier […] More

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    People Break Down The Most Likely Reasons Humanity Will Go Extinct

    We all know the story of the dinosaurs extinction. An asteroid hit the earth and caused great environmental impact that wiped out their world. When we think about our world today and what could possibly cause the end of human life, there’s so many more possibilities beyond an asteroid. Some scientists predict it could happen […] More

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    People Break Out The Best Facts To Impress A Little Kid

    Little kids are incredibly impressionable. Their minds are still learning and growing, which is a prime opportunity to tell them facts that will absolutely blow their little minds. Whether you’re a parent, an aunt or uncle, a cool older sibling, or another adult in their life, there are a few facts you can tell them […] More