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    Etymologists Nerd Out On Their Favorite Word Origins

    English is an incredibly complicated language which pulls many of its words from other languages. The subject of how words came to mean what they currently do is often a fascinating one. The study of word origins is called etymology. Redditor ocddoc asked: “Etymologists of Reddit, what is the coolest origin of a word?” Dashboard […] More

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    People Break Down The Best Pre-2000 Video Games

    There have been some truly magnificent video games made over the past 20 years, but there are still definitely some true classics from before 2000. Redditor carlstanza asked: “What pre-2000 video game will always be a banger?” Build Those Coasters “Rollercoaster Tycoon 🎢“ -matuzo “O how the theme park manager that wanted to kill and […] More

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    Film Buffs Break Down Which Movie Sequels Are Actually Better Than The Original

    Movie sequels are often an incredibly contentious topic among movie lovers. Some love them, some hate them, and some sequels are just objectively terrible and everyone dislikes them. Some, though, aren’t that bad. Even rarer are the sequels that are actually better than the films they follow, but those are few and far between. Redditor […] More

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    People Share Little-Known Facts About Their Home State

    The United States is a pretty a darn big country and each state is commonly known for some specific features like landmarks, spots of natural beauty or specific customs. Sometimes the things a state is known for aren’t the most interesting things about that state, though. Redditor FriendoAmigo asked: “US Residents of Reddit: What is […] More

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    People Share The Best Facts About Language That No One Seems To Know

    Language may seem like a pretty boring subject—we all had to study it throughout our school years, after all. But languages are way weirder—and way cooler—than you might think. Redditor FamousTeam90 asked: “What is a fun language fact you know?” Italian Is Newer And Older Than You Might Think “The official Italian language is both […] More

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    People Describe The Most Wholesome Facts They Know

    It’s always good to add some new wholesome knowledge to your life. Here’s extra wholesome facts from the folks on the AskReddit subReddit to hopefully make your day a little better. Redditor PM_YOUR_HAPPY asked: “What is the most wholesome fact you know?” Coral Is Awesome “Someone, while handling coral, discovered that when shattered, coral will […] More

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    People Break Out The Best Hygiene Hacks They Know

    We all like to think we’re clean people, and we probably are. But there are probably still some ways we can improve, or ways to get things just as clean without all the time and effort. Redditor ProudSilver1576 asked: “What is a hygiene tip/trick that everyone should know?” You Might Be Surprised What Is Dirty […] More