Awkward Sex-Education Stories That Show Just How Much We Need Sex-Ed


Regarding sex, what people don’t know can definitely hurt them. For some reason, sex education is kind of controversial in America.

All I can say is, these 20 awkward sex-ed stories from AskReddit are proof positive that we Americans need all the sex-ed we can get.

1. It’s a legitimate question.

“Girl sitting behind me stood up and asked, ‘How many calories are there in semen?’”

2. “Preach”

“When I was in sex ed many years ago, all the guys got to write questions for the girls on paper notes and vice versa. One of the guys wrote: ‘What is the largest thing you could fit inside of you?’ One of the girls answered: ‘an infant.’ Preach.”

3. Good Shot

“We had to give presentations on different contraception methods during a sex ed unit of our health class. 5-6 member groups did presentations about condoms, female condoms, the pill, etc. One of the guys doing the presentation was flexing an IUD between his fingers. It shot out of his hand and hit a popular girl 20 feet away in the eye.”

4. “Dribble”

“A girl in my high school sex ed class didn’t quite understand how she could get pregnant if a dude pulled out before he finished. Then her basketball player boyfriend stood up and yelled, ‘Before a man shoots he’s gotta dribble!’”

5. Oh, the irony.

“I took my high school’s health requirement over the summer. I opted for the four-week course, which was about 70% the cliche summer school crowd. We had all types of troublemakers.

Also there was a pregnant girl. She was pretty far along, already showing in the belly department. The teacher had just done the contraceptives lesson and was doing a little post-lecture review. She asked us, ‘What is the most effective form of contraception?’

As expected, we said ‘use the pill specifically for contraception, but wear a condom to protect against diseases.’ Totally legit, everyone was on board.

But the pregnant girl raised her hand and said, ‘Mrs Miller, I’m confused. I thought the safest thing would be to not let the boy finish inside of you, so shouldn’t the pull-out method be the safest?’

Our teacher explained the error of her ways, to which the girl replied ‘Damn, I thought pull-out would be foolproof. That’s what I’ve been using.’ There were no words.”