People Divulge The Absolute Best Break Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard

Nobody likes pick-up lines delivered unironically.

We have no idea why Hollywood let people believe they actually work for anything other than a laugh (which might be a solid angle if you’re generally funny) but if you’re expecting someone to melt because you gave them a “How YOU doin’?” then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Having said all that, the idea of something that functions as the opposite of a pick up line is something LOTS of people like.

Reddit user Jamicandude69 asked: 

“IF people used ‘break up lines’ instead of ‘pick up lines’ what would some of them be??”

Honestly, people are hilariously savage.



“They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I hope you find someone who treasures you.”

– giantcabbage_

“Dang, that one has sharp edges.”

– LettuceJizz

“Reminds me of ‘if only there was someone who actually loved you’ from Frozen 😭”

– kurt200

“That line was surprisingly savage for a kids’ movie.”

“I just remember loudly and involuntarily going ‘daaaaaamn dude’ when I watched it for the first time with my son.”

– dalevis

Weighing Me Down

“Hey, are you an anchor? Because you’ve done nothing but weigh me down.”

– ExistentialBob

“This’ll work great if you can work in relationSHIP, ya know to really nail home the ship pun.”

– Plasmashark4

“I don’t sea why not.”

– ExistentialBob

“I used this line in my wedding speech!”

” ‘I love you with all my heart. You’re like my anchor.’  *pause for group awww* ‘…you’re always weighing me down’ *room erupts in laughter* “

“Wife wasn’t as pleased, but I’m a sucker for a good laugh lol”

– brodo87

Bad Reception

“Hey baby, are you in a tunnel? Because we’re breaking up.”

– _iPood_

“I have a new pet name for you, baby. It’s ‘T-Mobile’ because we’re breaking up.”

– truth__bomb

“My dumbass would even realize I was being broken up with.”

“I would’ve been like ‘Nope, not going through a tunnel, must be spotty reception.’ “

– RiggityRyne

“This one is best used when said right to there face followed by fake static noises (think crumbling paper) “

– ramonpasta

Continental Drift

“Are we tectonic plates? Because we’re drifting apart.”

– comrade_batman

“The friction between us has left me crumpled and quaking with anger.”

– gaviniboom

“Are we a fault line? Cause all there is between us is friction and future devastation.”

– Devlee12

“The use of tectonic plates could also be used as the pick up line for the same person. For example:”

” ‘Are you a tectonic plate? Cause I’d love to to ram into you with force resulting in tremendous friction and heat.’ “

– [Reddit]

Covering Ground

“We need to cover more ground so we should split up.”

– HyperNathan

“Call me Fred because I’m honestly not sure if splitting up is the right decision right now. but it feels like it probably is.”

– allToast

“Hey girl, are we the Scooby-Doo gang? Because I think we should split up and look for new clues.”


Celestial Bodies

“You remind me of Halley’s Comet. I don’t wanna see you again for another 74 years.”

– Victim_of_Conscience

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance?”

– oatmeal28

“But I would like to see Halley’s Comet more often than that, and I would prefer to just never see my ex again…”

– sticktoyaguns

“You’re the sun of my life, so please stay 93.79 million miles away from me.”

– personbelowmeistrash

A New Issue

“Hey girl, are you a newspaper? Because there’s a new issue with you every f*cking day.”

– ghostofoutkast

“I had a guy once tell me I had more issues than a magazine.”

“I thought it was kinda clever, but we’d only been talking for a couple weeks and this was in response to my telling him I didn’t want to date, so I also thought it was a bit dramatic on his part.”

– MissBanana_

“Hey girl, are you a newspaper?”

“Because I’m replacing you with a better designed, more entertaining, cheaper way of getting what I need.”

– benchoderashka

“Hey girl, are you a newspaper? Because I’d like to leave you you laying in my driveway for weeks and run you over with my car a few times”

– panzershark

Time Share

“Hey babe are you a time share? Because I’ve been trying to get out of this for like 3 years. You’re a waste of f*cking money and you’re only available when I’m not.”

– WilliamMurderfacex3

“The maintenance fees are too high and nobody wants to trade.”

– NorseZymurgist

“And the only good times I have are blackout dates!”

– AncientMarinade

“.. and when I’m in you I’m always thinking about other places that are more fun.”

– OncewasaBlastocoel

Pure Poetry

“I knew this girl in middle school who would break up with boys by saying:”

” ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, trash is dumped and so are you.’ “

– ledge-14

“Um… so I really wanna thank you for unlocking a core memory. That happened to me in elementary school and I was heart broken even at like age 7.”

– Imacultofpersonality

“Did you know me!?”

“I used this on 2 guys in middle school but they were dweebs. I wasn’t as great as I thought I was at the time.”

“Oh well.”

– ladymethis

Keepin’ It Classy

“I will always cherish my initial misconceptions of you.”

– bow2sensei

“That is so good. Wish I would have thought to say that as a parting line to my ex-wife!”

– Grace_Upon_Me

“I’m sure there’s a commercial playing right now, Totally Sauvage.”

– dontdoitdoitdoit


“Are you a parking ticket? Because you’re evidence that I made a mistake.”

– maleorderbride

“This is actually my favorite. Thank you.”

– wiry1983

A Spark

“I once used this one to explain when pressed.

” ‘It’s like we’re an American outlet and a European plug. There were sparks at first but I just don’t get the energy.’ “

– mstrblueskys

We Deserved Better

“Hey girl are you season eight of Game of Thrones? Because I never want to see you again and hopefully I can forget you even exist.”

– 300ConfirmedShaves

Childhoods Ruined

“Hey girl, are you movies from my childhood?”

“Because I used to think you were cute and fun but now I see that you’re horrifying and inappropriate in all sorts of ways I never thought of back then.”

– ChronicBitRot

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