10+ People Admit to the Last Lies They Told



Liars are everywhere, people. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Some of these lies are small and harmless and some are…shall we say ‘a little larger?’

Let’s at least give these AskReddit users some credit for admitting to the last lie they told.

1. Kind of a weird one…

“A friend gave me a bunch of squash from his garden. I hate squash. I brought the bag of squash to work so my co-workers could take them home. I don’t know why but this became a big deal and all day long everyone asked me how I grew so much squash. Rather than tell them that the squash came from a friend I lied and told them that I grew the squash. I don’t know why I did this.”

2. Liar!

“I just told my coworker I was in the middle of something very important. I’m not doing sh-t, other than reading this thread.”

3. A common one

“Sorry I thought I responded to your text but never pushed send :(“

4. Good job Mom

“I told my 5 year old we are out of candy.

There is plenty of candy.

And it’s mine.”

5. Good luck!

“Told my boss just now that I’m leaving work early today for a doctors appointment. I don’t feel well.

Truth is I have an interview at 3pm. They received my resume sumitted last night and want to talk ASAP.

Not feeling well is a lead-in for me to take tomorrow off because I have another interview, with a different company than the one today.”

6. Did they believe you?

“Last night encountered 2 drunken girls attempting to lift a rock. They asked me to help them lift it. My response?

“Sorry, I don’t have any arms.”

I very clearly have arms.”

7. Always a bad idea

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it surely”

8. For a good cause

“I’m helping my mom’s boyfriend plan his proposal to her, so we’ve both been lying to her pretty steadily which has been enjoyable.”

9. Broken links

“A guy on an online dating sight was trying to show me pictures of his family jewels, I kept saying the links were broken to see how many different places he’d try to upload it, and how much tech support he’d offer to fix whatever the problem might be on my end.

Turns out the answer is four.”

10. Feel good about yourself?

“I told my dogs before we left for a morning of errands that we would be back in a few minutes…. I am an awful person.”

11. I’m down!

“I am totally down to hang out this weekend! Reality – I am laying in bed and doing nothing all weekend. I’ve had a rough two weeks.”

12. Customer service

“No ma’am, we don’t sell [enter product I know for a fact isn’t sold at my job]. They only come in [enter alternative product we do sell that she doesn’t want].”

“Are you checking??”

“Yes, I’m checking.”

13. Ha!

“I’m glad I have a free U2 album on my phone now.”

14. Hookin’ up

“I told the girl I have been hooking up with that I had dreamed I was waking up next to her and I was extremely disappointed when I woke up alone. Granted, I was extremely disappointed when I woke up, but I didnt have any dreams last night.”

15. Interview

“Had an interview this morning– so many lies.

“Talk about a time when you didn’t effectively prioritize your workload. What were the consequences?”

“I always effectively prioritize my workload and have great time management skills.”