Can You Find All 25 Mistakes in This Picture?



They might seem easy to find at first, but the harder you look, the more they begin to disappear. I’m willing to bet that only the most detail-oriented people among you will be able to find all 25!

Here we go…

Photo Credit: Brightside

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#1. The wind blows in different directions at the same time: the smoke goes to the right while the branches lean to the left.

#2. There is no specific season: some trees are leafless while others have leaves.

#3. The fields are seeded and cleared at the same time.

#4. The horse walks in the direction of the already plowed field.

#5. There is no man to hold the plow.

#6. Only trees grow on the field.

#7. The tallest pine has a different tree branch.

#8. The sunlight goes in different directions: the man’s and the dog’s shadows fall to different sides.

#9. The gates have a wavy, not straight shadow.

#10. The gates have 5 horizontal stripes but the shadow has only 4.

#11. The gates have no hinges or any other devices to open it.

#12. The bush grows right on the fence.

#13. The house doesn’t have a door.

#14. The curtains are located outside the windows.

#15. The man is too big in comparison with the house.

#16. The dog is too big in comparison with the sheep.

#17. One sheep lacks a leg.

#18. One sheep has a black tail which looks like a dog’s tail.

#19. The sheep become smaller too fast in the given perspective.

#20. Some objects don’t have a shadow.

#21. The yard is fenced only on one side.

#22. The lake is located higher than the horizon.

#23. The cart with hay is obviously much higher than the man.

#24. The wheelbarrow on the foreground is missing one wheel and a handle (if it’s broken then why would it stand in the middle of the barn where hay is stored?)

#25. The chimney on the roof is made of the same material as the roof itself.

How many did you get?

h/t: Brightside