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Why Summer Makes Us Lazy

In his meticulous diaries, written from 1846 to 1882, the Harvard librarian John Langdon Sibley complains often about the withering summer heat: “The heat wilts & enervates me & makes me sick,” he wrote in 1852. Sibley lived before the age of air-conditioning, but recent research suggests that his observation is still accurate: summer really does tend to be a time of reduced

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Daydreaming

Whether it’s worrying or fantasizing, all of us daydream—or let our minds escape from the task at hand. Now, a new computer model that simulates these periods of mental wandering may give scientists clues about how our brains work. Specifically, the model shows how our brain cells communicate when our minds are either engaged or idle. Scientists have known since the late

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Tweets of The Week!

Happy Friday everyone! Kris again with some of my favorite responses from the past week! If you’re funny, sarcastic, witty (or if you say anything that’s entertaining in anyway) you can be featured here on the UberFacts website. Remember, if you ever want an explanation or sources/articles for a fact, you can tweet me, I try to answer as many

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