Check Out These 9 Different School Lunches From Around the World


Do you remember what school lonch was like when you were a kid? If you grew up in the United States, it probably wasn’t anything too remarkable.

But if things are so bad here, what does a healthy school lunch look like? Well, different people (and cultures) have different definitions, but these 9 photos might give us all a better idea.

#9. South Korea

Fish soup, tofu over rice, kimchi and fresh veggies.

#8. Italy

Photo Credit: Sweetgreen in Schools

Local fish on a bed of arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, caprese salad, baguette and some grapes.

#7. Greece

Baked chicken over orzo, stuffed grape leaves, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh oranges, and greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds.

#6. Spain

Sautéed shrimp over brown rice and vegetables, gazpacho, fresh peppers, bread and an orange.

#5. Ukraine

Mashed potatoes with sausage, borscht, cabbage and syrniki (a dessert pancake).

#4. France

Steak, carrots, green beans, cheese and fresh fruit.

#3. Finland

Pea soup, beet salad, carrot salad, bread and pannakkau (dessert pancake) with fresh berries.

#2. Brazil

Pork with mixed veggies, black beans and rice, salad, bread and baked plantains.

#1. U.S.A.

Fried ‘popcorn’ chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, fruit cup and a chocolate chip cookie.


I hope I inspired some of this week’s Bento Boxes, if nothing else!