Check Out this Nutella ‘Slot Machine’ in New York, with 20 Flavor Combinations

Photo Credit: Pexels, Daria Shevtsova


Earlier this winter, people in New York City were gambling away at a new slot game… and everyone was a winner!

The machine in question was made by Ferrero, the parent company of Nutella, and it was filled with – yep, no surprises here, Nutella! All it takes to play is hitting one single button and, depending on how the slots land, you end up with one of 20 possible variations on a Nutella breakfast snack, with choices like sliced bananas, pistachios, or cherries, served on toast.

Photo Credit: This is Insider

This promotion debuted in late November, and Ferrero has since (tragically) closed down the machine. But don’t fret, my Nutella nuts, because Ferrero recently opened a whole Nutella café in New York City. There you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Nutella smeared between a brioche bun or in a bowl of pound cake, fruit, and a generous drizzle of Nutella.

I’ll Nutell-ya, this looks like heaven. YUM!