Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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Download the Official UberFacts Press Kit here.

First Look: UberFacts App for iOS

Los Angeles, CA
Over 6 million Twitter followers and more than 50,000 amazing facts have been part of the reason why UberFacts has continued to capture the attention of social media users, including celebrities such as Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Nathan Fillion. The UberFacts account also caught the attention of one multi-platinum producer, who has partnered with UberFacts founder Kris Sanchez to create the first official UberFacts free mobile app for iOS in addition to other creative developments currently in the works.

You can sign up now to receive a notification when the iPhone app is officially released in early to mid-March 2014 from the official app signup page:
The UberFacts iOS app will include improvements over the Twitter account that offer UberFacts fans the organized fact-finding and entertainment they’ve been requesting, including features such as:

  • UberFacts grouped by category
  • More images associated with each fact
  • Instantly sharable across multiple social media accounts
  • Ability to save and view favorite facts

The free UberFacts app for iOS will launch in early to mid-March 2014. The Android version will be available in mid- to late April 2014.

UberFacts for iOS | Preview Screenshots

UberFacts iOS App Title ScreenshotUberFacts iOS App screenshot category menu UberFacts Screenshot Cuteness Inspires Aggression UberFacts iOS Screenshot Space Signal UberFacts iOS App Share Menu


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