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People Describe The Most Disrespectful Thing A Houseguest Has Ever Done In Their Home

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Most of us have had a guest in our home from time to time, whether it was a quick coffee, a weekend party, a8 longtime stay or anything in-between.

But there are those of us who are lucky enough to say nothing particularly inappropriate happened during those visits.

For others of us… unfortunately, not so much.

Redditor xxHEYxx asked: 

“What’s the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did in your home?”

Some guests blatantly disrespected hobbies and collections.

“They decided to completely rearrange the bookshelf that I have categorized by author and genre. They wanted it to look more ‘cozy,’ so they added a bunch of stuff and took books out, rearranged them, etc.” – King1861

“Background, I love puzzles and own a decent collection of wooden ones that are used as decoration in the guest bedroom.”

“A guest who was sleeping over decided it would be a good idea to dismantle every single one of the puzzles, mix all of their pieces together, and leave them in a pile for me to find the next day.”

“This happened years ago and remembering it still gets me p**sed off…” – j0bs

“I had some friends in middle school come over and smash up all the Lego sets in my room then wondered why I didn’t want them to come over again.” – Hydrosimian

“I had a giant bucket of random assorted legos as a kid. One of my friends p**sed in it at a sleepover one night and let me tell you, you don’t really notice it at first until it gets real pungent, and by then it’s too late. Never found out who did it to this day, but I have my suspicions.” – kargu12

Others disregarded any sense of personal hygiene.

“Cut their toenails in my living room. They were just visiting for a few hours.” – PigCopsFatTits

“Oh man, my friend hosted a sleepover for some friends, and one of the guests apologized for their feet, because they’d just done one of those baby feet things and the soles of their feet were PEELING EVERYWHERE.”

“Only after we were like, ‘Maybe put some socks on so you don’t leave a trail of dead skin everywhere?’ did she do something about it.” – haylmoll13

“A guy blew his nose on a tissue and then just threw it on the floor. The worst thing is, he expected me to pick it up for him.” – thunderfart_99

“The couple sat down at a table with a cake (which hadnt been served it) and each took a fork and started to eat it.”

“They did not cut the cake into a piece for themselves, but went back and forth with forks to mouths and to cake, smacking and slurping. Nobody else wanted any cake.” – fraubrennessel

Never mind basic house etiquette. 

“The neighbor’s kid came in with dirt all over his feet and then wiped them on the carpet. Never did get the stain out.” – kwaters1

“My son’s friend (middle school) opened all the yogurts in my refrigerator. Didn’t eat then, just opened all the tinfoil lids.” – lennybriscoforthewin

“My sister use to stop over, drink my beer, steal my wife’s clothes, make a mess, then leave.”

“We changed the locks, so she’d steal my parents key to get in, so we stopped giving them one and somehow she’d still get in, like a d**n cockroach.”

“We have since moved far out of her visiting range.” – jonsacreep

“My brother used to do this. He would eat all of my food, clog my toilet with his massive shits, and then veg out on the couch for hours playing COD on my PS3.”

“Talking to him about it did nothing. I eventually just had to change my locks and he started doing the same thing to my poor mom.” – gil_beard

Some went so far, they should have been arrested.

“When I was in college and living at my dad’s house still, he would go out of town every other week or so.”

“Had some friends over when I had the place to myself one night, and a friend of a friend put her cigarette out in the flower boxes (full of mulch/soil) hanging from the windows by the back porch.”

“It smoldered overnight and started a fire, and I woke up to the house filled with smoke and a charred up back door.” – Gandalf**kyourself

“I invited a friend to ‘predrink’ at my parents’ house (in our 20s so my parents were fine with it).”

“He showed up completely obliterated, while my parents were there and dropped a small baggie of cocaine in front of them. He then proceeded to ask where the washroom was.”

“Needless to say, that was a pretty tame night for me, as my parents sent him packing. I had no idea about his coke habit, just for the record.” – Gone_cognito

“My friend’s wife came out of our master bathroom and let us know she ‘borrowed’ some pain meds she found in the medicine cabinet. She then slept on the couch for most of the visit.” – KeepingBalance

“A ‘friend’ asked to stay with me for a few days because she was having relationship problems. Turns out the relationship problems were all down to the fact she had a massive coke habit and her boyfriend was fed up with her spending all their money on it.”

“The first night she invited 5 people who I didn’t know around after I’d gone to bed and I had work the next day. Then she just disappeared for 3 days and went on a bender, I had her boyfriend calling me worried sick and nobody knew where she was.”

“When she finally turned up, she called me a s**tty friend for not covering for her. She didn’t even ask me to! Yeah, we’re not friends anymore.” – dd2487

It might be really fun to have guests over, but according to these Redditors, there are some potential problems that come with guests who don’t understand boundaries or proper etiquette.

Though we’re likely see some strange behavior from a guest at some point, hopefully we won’t experience any of the more shocking instances described here.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan lives in North Chicago, where she works as a poet, freelance writer, and editor. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, and her BA in English from Indiana University South Bend. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Whale Road Review, the James Franco Review, Thank You for Swallowing, and elsewhere; and her essays and book reviews have appeared with Memoir Mixtapes, The Rumpus, BookPage, and Motherly, among others. When she's not reading and writing, she's in her garden or spending time with her family. For more, visit