Advertisement Wrecks Transphobic Celebrity Who Insisted “They” Can’t Be a Singular Pronoun

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Generally speaking, you wouldn’t think that had a particularly exciting presence online. I mean, sure, everyone knows to go visit them when they need a definition for a word, but I never thought I’d consider their Twitter account a must-follow, and yet here we are.

One reason I’d make such a recommendation? Well, let’s take what happened when notoriously controversial actor James Woods recently put out a not-so-subtly transphobic tweet about gender pronouns.

Woods essentially argued that “they” can only be used as a plural pronoun, and that using it as a singular pronoun is just an invention of “hare-brained liberals.”

Photo Credit: Twitter, James Woods

Well… it wasn’t long before stepped in to drop some knowledge:

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This is hardly’s first foray into the realm of trolling bigots. They’ve used their extensive knowledge of the English language to serve up tasty burns to all sorts of people. Like Vice President Mike Pence…

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The word, by the way, is “sycophant.”

And of course, being the lovable language nerds that they are, they couldn’t let the president slide for his misspelling of the word “collusion.”

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Generally speaking, any time the president needs to learn some new words, is there with a helpful suggestion.

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Please, never stop being who you are. Thanks.