Selfies are a way of life for certain folks out there – and for those making their money off social media influencing, knowing how to take a flattering one is also how they earn their living.

For other people, though, selfies can be awkward and annoying, so maybe we don’t take or post quite as many of them.

And for a few, like this guy, they’re so cringe they hardly take them at all.

Anybody else feel super cringey when taking selfies and therefore take none? from NoStupidQuestions

Is he alone? These 16 Redditors weigh in!

15. Think of your mom!

I feel too vain when I take selfies… then end up having like no pictures of myself for my mom.

14. Seriously do it for your mom.

I still can’t shake my dislike for selfies.

I’ve had a few girlfriends now that have tried to help me shake my hate.

Even after breaking up a few have recommended taking my mom out to different spots (she loved spending time with me more than anything).

When I asked to take pictures with her she was beaming…

13.  Welcome to the future.

Me too. I also can’t film myself talking like everyone seems to do these days.

I just feel cringy walking and talking to a phone.

12. They’re great for your self-confidence. Sometimes.

I am not photogenic so I have never taken a selfie in all of my many years on this earth until last year. I must have been bored or something because I put on makeup which I don’t usually do and took some selfies that included my dogs.

I was pleasantly surprised how the photos turned out. I didn’t even really know how to take a selfie. I posted the pics on Facebook and everyone complimented me on them. The people I have known since high school hadn’t seen me since high school so they really liked my photos.

The friends I have made over the years and have never met in person liked my photos as well. In fact, when I said how old I am they couldn’t believe it. One guy was like, “no way!!!” Yep. I guess I look pretty good for an old lady. Lol.

11. I never thought about it as advertising yourself, but…

One of my favorite things about being in a steady relationship with someone is the fact that I don’t have to take pics and advertise myself anymore.

I always have felt really uncomfortable taking selfies but that’s how you meet people now

10. Or do it for your kids.

The only reason I can stomach the occasional picture is so my kids know what I looked like back in the day because my parents have hardly any pictures from their youth and It makes it harder to connect… if that makes sense.

9. Even if you don’t post them, take them.

If you feel like posting selfies on social media is vain and too basic for you, that’s fine, don’t post it on social media.

But please take selfies every now and then anyway.

They’re gateways to the past for when you’re older, for when your families and friends are older, for when your children and grandchildren grow up, for when you have long since gone from this world.

Every person who have ever loved or cared about you will appreciate having those slices of memories of you digitally preserved for them to remember you by.

Just snap the selfie, backup to google photos, forget.

8. Good advice for all of life.

You just gotta not give a f*ck what other people think. I have this problem too. If I’m feeling particularly confident and attractive, then yeah I kinda wanna post a selfie. Who cares if it’s for attention – it’s human nature to want to attract positive attention sometimes.

So who cares if someone thinks “omg Stacy just wants attention from her selfie” like yeah maybe Stacy is  depressed and wants some positive attention who cares.

7. Silly photos are the best photos.

The only way I have ever taken the very few selfies I have is if it’s a silly one. That way I feel like “haha see, I’m not taking myself seriously with this”.

Feels like it aligns more with who I am. Social media selfie posts are so prevalent that I was just wondering if there were other people who feel the way I do. Clone #1564 confirmed.

6. Find a good reason.

I used to as well. But recently I started taking selfies to show off my weird graphic t shirt collection (fish with gun, raccoon with “eat trash hail Satan”, etc.) and honestly having a “reason” for the selfie makes me feel better.

I’m a dancer so most of my pics and videos of me are me dancing and I just want pictures of me doing other things. For myself and for my family.

5. Protecting yourself?

All the time, I never see my pics and think, “hey I look good in this one.”

So I assume other people see me the same way and I don’t care to have other people see my flawed face

4. Get comfortable with yourself.

Counter point: You are literally the only person you don’t have a choice about spending the rest of your life with.

It’s okay to like yourself:) And it’s okay to think you look good! Great even sometimes.

As long as it doesn’t become the main way you determine your self value, you’re fine. Everything in moderation. Even vanity.

3. Other people might not see you the same way.

Part of it is because of the way you’re seeing yourself.

The most common time you see yourself is in a mirror when your face is, well, mirrored.

It becomes your self image. In photos/videos your face is how everyone else sees you.

Because our faces are asymmetric those small differences in perspective make you look strange to yourself.

2. Confidence is key.

I think it speaks to our lack of ego.

The entire concept of selfies is so self indulgent, I think it’s so weird how often people stare at their own face.

Like I couldn’t think of a less interesting picture to look at than one of just somebody’s face.

But people crave that validation from others so it stuck.

I wish people could be happy on their own.

1. Is everyone doing it?

It can also depend how normalized it is in your social circles and social environment.

If people around you, your friends and family all did it on a regular basis you’d probably worry less.

I don’t love selfies, myself, but there’s a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes with snapping a good one, don’t you think?

The front-facing camera is handy for checking your teeth, though. Don’t take it away.