Hey, parents! The kids are back in school, and you’re (somewhat) free…at least until next summer rolls around.

There’s no doubt about it: these parents are thrilled that their little ones are back where they belong for the next 9 months.

Enjoy the hilarity.

1. We’re back, baby!

2. What is that, Mommy?

3. Sounds like a blast.

4. My time is now.

5. No one even saw it…

6. They’re all yours.

7. Not gonna make it today.

8. You get sucked in.

9. Oh, you were serious?

10. Honey, let me break the news to you…

11. I’ll see you in 9 hours.

12. Looking a little rough.

13. Absolute silence.

14. Great idea, son.

15. Not gonna happen in this house.

Are you excited that your kiddos are back to the daily school grind?

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