Examples of Funny Embroidery That Are All the Rage Right Now



Embroidery seems to be all the rage as a whole new generation has picked up a hobby that used to seem like it only belonged to old ladies.

But it’s hot, baby!

Trust me on this one.

And an offshoot of regular embroidery is people making really funny pieces for all of us to enjoy.

Here are some examples of the funny embroidery trend that folks seem to love.

1. Get it?

Pretty clever, if you ask me…

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Sending you all #goodvibes ✨

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2. Or else, leave me alone!

This will show them who’s the boss.

3. For Fox Sake!

I’m a big fan of this one!

4. Please go away…

And don’t come back.

5. Plain and simple.

You can put this over the fireplace!

6. This is wonderful!

And you better follow the rules of the house.

7. Do your best!

Punch it right in the face!

8. I hear you, my friend.

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR.

9. Just get rid of it.

You are now FREE!

10. You can’t go wrong with this classic.


11. Join the club.

Are you a member of this prestigious organization?

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Anyone else feeling a bit discombobulated or just an overall sense of meh? I definitely am…especially creatively. I’m finding myself wondering what to work on next and I end up not working on anything at all. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know I should be stocking up for when I can resume handmade markets, but I also have a few ideas for new things that I just haven’t gotten around to trying. At least I finished setting up my new studio space this weekend. Maybe I’ll take some pics and share in my stories later. Hmmm, I wonder what I’ll end up doing today. 🤔 what about you? How are you doing today? • • #ihavenoideawhatiamdoing #quarantinefunk #creativeblock #creativeslump #embroideryhoopart #hoopart #embroideredart #snarkyembroidery #snarkyhoopart #cubicledecor #officedecor #deskdecor #funnyembroidery #funnyhoopart #plaidlovethreads #homeschoolhumor #distancelearning

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12. A great reference from The Office.

When Jim was impersonating Dwight…classic.

Those are great!

I think I’m gonna need a few funny embroidery pieces of my own very soon.

Is this one of your hobbies? Do you consider yourself a stitcher with a bit of an edge?

If so, share some of your work with us in the comments! We’d love to see what you’re making! The more offensive, the better (within reason…).