Facts About James Bond That Are Shaken, Not Stirred


When thinking of a classic action movie filled with gadgets, flawless suits and incredible cars, it’s hard not to think about the iconic 007 James Bond.

But, there is more than martinis and Tom Ford behind the most famous spy.

And, yes I would like to point out the irony of a “famous spy.”

The creator is a real-life 007.

More than a spy, James Bond is perhaps the most iconic action hero ever. So, it makes sense that he was created by a real-life action hero.

Ian Fleming, the author of the original James Bond novels, was a Commander in the British Naval Intelligence who created “Operation Ruthless” and “Operation Goldeneye” during WW2.

After the war, Fleming told friends he planned to write “the spy novel to end all spy novels.”

But Bond was an ornithologist?

Fleming wrote Casino Royale, the first Bond novel, at his GoldenEye Estate in Jamaica, but the history of Bond’s name belies that reputation of violence and adventure.

Fleming borrowed Bond’s name from an ornithologist who wrote a book about birds he liked.

However, 007 comes from someone else

Fleming loosely based his protagonist on John Dee, who in the 16th century would sign letters to Queen Elizabeth I with a “007.”

Fleming has been an inspiration for many

While Fleming wrote 13 novels and one collection of short stories, there have been 26 movies about James Bond.

The first movie not based on a Bond story was GoldenEye.

Let’s make a pit stop

While Bond has driven several notable cars, like the BMW Z3, his most iconic car is the Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in six of the movies.

Meanwhile, over 15 BMW 750s were destroyed during the filming of Tomorrow Never Dies.

But, who is the best Bond?

On film, Bond has been played by nine different actors.

The first on-screen appearance of James Bond is in the 1950s TV show Climax, where he was portrayed as an American named “Card Sense Jimmy Bond” by Barry Nelson.

The first actor to play Bond on the big screen, Sean Connery, rocketed to stardom with the role.

The way he delivered his introduction, “Bond… James Bond” is a red-letter date in the history of cool.

However, Connery worried about being typecast as a spy.

“I’ve always hated that damned James Bond. I’d like to kill him,” Sean Connery said.

In 1967, comedy actor David Niven played a parody of Bond in Casino Royale.

George Lazenby portrayed Bond in On His Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969.

Though many fans consider it a high point of the franchise, he was never asked back.

When Pierce Brosnan took over the role with 1995’s GoldenEye, the character was reimagined as less sexist, and slightly more sober.

Sober but deadly

But Brosnan’s Bond was the deadliest Bond, taking out 47 foes.

Meanwhile, Roger Moore only took out one person in The Man with the Golden Gun.

It’s all about the iconic look

Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale, was controversial due to his blonde hair.

For the opening scene of Skyfall, 85 identical versions of Bond’s Tom Ford suit were made.

It’s all in the title.

“Spectre” is an anagram for ‘Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.’

The newest Bond movie, No Time to Die, is named after a 1958 British war movie.

There has only been one James Bond remake:

Never Say Never Again is based on the same story as Thunderball.

The remake starred Sean Connery, 12 years after he said he would “never” play Bond again.

Bond has nothing but time.

James Bond is the second longest-running film franchise after Godzilla (1954).

And the franchise is showing no signs of slowing.