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People Share The Facts That Completely Changed Their Perspective

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“You never know.”

That is an age old saying that may also be one of life’s truest truths.

We do never know. Because there is so much out there to know and learn and sometimes random things happen.

And sometimes your new knowledge changes everything.

Redditor ettleboy wanted to discuss the knowledge some of us have acquired over time, that lead our thoughts and opinions in a different direction.

They asked:

“What fact totally changed your perspective?”

Let’s share some perspectives…

Switching Metals…

“It took mankind 4 times longer to switch from copper swords to steel swords than to switch from steel swords to nuclear bombs.”  ~ Im_gonna_fart

“This sucks because I am having way harder time cutting my steak with my nuclear bomb, compared to when I used to do it with my steel sword.” ~ hyelander

resist, Resist, RESIST!!

“The longest a nicotine craving will last is 180 seconds. That means all I need to do is resist for 3 minutes.”

“My last cigarette was January 25 2008.”  ~ nivla73

“YMMV. I saw this fact (have no idea if it’s true) when I was a heavy smoker and it helped me ease back on my intake.”

“I decided that if this is true then what I’d do is think back to my last craving.”

“If I had a cig last time then I’d skip this one and wait for the next craving to go have one.”

“As my body got used to only smoking 5 a day instead of 10 then I was smoking 4 or 3, then 2 until finally I was only smoking when I was out with friends or particularly stressed.”

“Now I only smoke on occasion and while I want to eliminate that entirely.”

“I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to have one every so often (maybe once a month now) as long as I don’t go buy a pack and start back up smoking regularly.”

“This approach simply doesn’t work for some people. No solution is one-size-fits-all.”  ~ ej255wrxx

“I quit, after 30 years of smoking, in 1995. Even after 23 years I sometimes (rarely) get a craving.”

“Mine last less than a minute and are not intense. I will never go back to smoking. Smoking killed my wife before age 70.”

“She just didn’t have the willpower or motivation to give it up.”

“At the end, after being released from the hospital because she had almost died from COPD, she went back to smoking.”

“Two days later she was taken in Emergency and she died about a week after. “

“By that time we had been divorced for 14 years.”

“The divorce was partially caused by her inability to change her bad habits.”  ~ La_Lanterne_Rouge

With each passing minute…

“Time doesn’t stop.”

“That speech I’m about to give in front of my class and I’m sweating balls over, in the next 2 minutes, it’s going to be done with. 2 minutes is two minutes.”  ~ DinoTerrorisT

“This has helped me so very much in life. I always tell myself the same thing – this time tomorrow, it’ll be in the past, a distant memory.”

“I’ve just got to get through it, but it will be over.”

“I hope your speech went well!”  ~ BasketballShooter

“I love thinking like this.”

“I kind of adopted it from the movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’ where they talk about how all it takes is just like 30 seconds of insane courage to do something.”

“You wanna ask someone out on a date? You want to ask for a raise? You want to try something crazy like skydiving?”

“All it takes is 30 seconds where you are just unstoppable and you just do it!”  ~ Reddit

“Hope your speech went well.”

“One of my favorite sayings related to a speech is, ‘For every speech you gave, there will be 3 versions. The speech you were prepared to give.”

“The speech you actually gave. And the speech you wished you gave.'”

“Unrelated to the question. But felt like sharing it here.”  ~ tempemailacct153


“I’m capable of being entirely convinced of something false.”

“As a result anything I’m convinced of doesn’t necessarily reflect reality.”  ~ AssadTheImpaler

“The one thing we all had in common is that we all think we’re right.”

“Now you’ve gone and fucked it up.”  ~ briffobroffhouse

Back in the Day…

“Can’t remember exactly where I saw this, but the first Western movies filmed in Hollywood were made around 1915, when the industry moved there.”

“At the time much of the area outside of Los Angeles was ranchland and there were still some sizable cattle drives going on.”

“Directors would hire actual cowboys for a pittance to train horses or be extras.”

“Basically they made movies fantasizing these big cattle drives and gunfights as American history, while people who had actually done all those things irl were chilling in the background.”  ~ bradthaphoend

“They also used trained sharpshooters to fire real bullets at things before the invention of the squib.”

“All the cannon fire in the 1915 film ‘The Birth of a Nation’ were live. Blanks were available, but not pyrotechnics.”

“Someone was killed during the filming of Cecil B DeMille’s ‘The Captive’ because they forgot to swap out their live ammo for blanks in one scene.”

The Captive (1915) Silent film review.”  ~ behemuthm

All the Money in the World…

“There are real life castles that are less expensive to buy than a New York City apartment.”  ~ yerrrdoobie

“You can actually get a free castle in France as long as you can provide a plan for how to keep up with upkeep of the castle so that it won’t become a ruin.”  ~ Christian__N

“There are planets out there without suns, planets that are hurtling through space in absolute total darkness.”

“Imagine being there.” ~ Reddit

Run Faster…

Balto only ran the last leg of the route.”

“The dog that ran the longest and most treacherous parts of the route (and at night) was named Togo.”

“Balto toured the U.S. as a hero, but couldn’t be bred because he was neutered.”

“Togo’s owner was pissed Balto got so much attention, and then his story got out and Togo got to tour the U.S. and was bred like crazy, so most Huskies are descendants of the greatest sled dog in history.”  ~ FnkyTown

The Pull Around Us…

“How strong gravity is at a neutron star. If you were to stand on top of one, you’d be flattened at the subatomic level.”  ~ verymuchlol

“What’s really cool, is that it wouldn’t just crush you, it would crush you so hard that the molecules that make up your body would stop obeying what we typically think of as fundamental laws of particles.”

“Everyone goes on about black holes, neutron stars are cool as crap.”  ~ contrivedpanda

Shuffle Along…

“If you shuffle a standard deck of cards, it is most likely the only time that sequence of cards has ever been shuffled in the history of cards.” ~ Leaves_1991

Pets on Pets…

“An example of being mutually beneficial.”

“Giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets.”

“The tarantula protects the frog from predators – and the frogs, in turn, eat insects that could possibly harm the tarantula’s eggs.”  ~ Back2Bach

Well my brain is full for the time being.

I love new knowledge.

You just never know all there is to know.