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    People Break Down The Most Random Science Facts

    I love science. Although I hated it in high school, now that I’m old… I mean an adult, I love it. Why you ask? Because the more science you learn, the more you can understand what’s happening around you and live better. But science has sadly been under attack for the last several years. So […] More

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    People Break Out Their Most Obscure Animal Facts

    Everybody loves a good fun fact. They’re worth their weight in gold when you find yourself at an intimidating team-builder or other ice breaker situation. On top of that, if you can master the art of injecting them into conversation without sounding like a middle school science teacher, you can rely on them to turn […] More

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    People Share The Absolute Weirdest Facts They Know

    In our primary school years, many of us took great pride in the weirdest, most fun facts we could spout out to our friends and family members on command. Some of us, though, never lost that passion and continued collecting factoids about the world around us. Redditor lovedump44 asked:  “Reddit, what is the weirdest FACT […] More

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    People Break Down Factoids That Almost Feel Illegal To Know

    The world is a place absolutely saturated with information.  Facts and knowledge surround each and every surface of your day-to-day life. You need to know what temperature to cook your chicken.  You need to know how to get from your house to the post office. You know so many things, and you don’t even know […] More

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    People Share Little-Known Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

    In a perfect world, none of us would need to know or use any of the information we’re about to go over. We don’t live in anything remotely close to a perfect world. Tragedies happen, accidents occur, life gets heavy. In those moments, the thing that tips the scales might be something as seemingly unimportant […] More

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    People Divulge The Darkest Facts They Know About Cartoons

    *The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm. Cartoons have a special place in our memories. The tinkling sound of the cereal hitting the bowl. The calm of the house settling around us. There is something brightly nostalgic about those memories, something almost too good to be true. Of course, if something seems too good to […] More

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    People Describe The Most Badass Historical Figures Of All Time

    History is very rich and full to the brim with stories of people who led full and interesting lives. The problem, of course, is that you probably heard about the same ones over and over again. You’re probably tired of hearing about George Washington by now, and that’s okay. But what if people told you […] More

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    People Share The Craziest Conspiracy Theories That Have Been Proven True

    Conspiracy theories are attractive. It might be easy to dismiss someone who believes that the moon landing was faked or that Covid-19 vaccines aren’t safe, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. According to the Fight Fake News initiative at Louisiana State University (LSU), “Conspiracy theories are captivating because they provide explanations for confusing, […] More

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    People Share The Absolute Scariest Space Facts They Know

    For some, outerspace represents a sense of hope and advancement. For others, the cosmos has more of that whole “terrifying hellscape” thing going on. This article is probably going to vibe a bit more with group 2 than the “space, the final frontier” set. Reddit user Zjaf asked: “What’s the scariest space fact/mystery in your […] More

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