We want to be healthy and to live long lives, but in this day and age we have so many delicious choices – many of which aren’t great for us – that it can be hard to put our future health over the yummy treats in the moment.

That said, our diets are like anything else in our lives – moderation is key, and depriving yourself is never going to work long term.

If you’re looking for a way to help bring balance to your diet and to your relationship with food, these 16 charts might help you see things in a different light.

16. Money is also a factor for many people.

I’d like to see that included in this chart.

15. It’s all about options.

You don’t have to be fully vegan or vegetarian to cut down on your animal proteins.

14. First, identify your goals.

Honestly, the one on the right looks just as good.

13. Read your labels.

Don’t just buy the hype.

12. Make sure you’re getting everything you need.

No matter your specific choices.

11. Treat the higher calorie ones as “treats.”

Do it occasionally, and pick something less fatty for your every day go-to.

10. Food doesn’t make you fat or thin.

There are many factors, not all of which are always under our control.

9. And foods aren’t bad or good.

They are food, and you’re not good or bad for eating them, either.

8. A healthy gut means a happier you.

It affects so much more than you realize.

7. Low sugar doesn’t mean low calorie.

Just so we’re clear.

6. If you want to feel fuller…

Or need to keep your hands busy.

5. Those condiments will get you.

And they’re just so yummy. Sigh.

4. Noone wants to live without bread.

That’s just no life at all.

3. You have to be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth.

That’s honestly the first step.

2. Portions are key.

Be aware of how much you’re putting on your plate every time!

1. Both have their place.

What are you in the mood for today?

These really do shine a new perspective on the choices we’re faced with every day.

If you’ve had some success with intuitive eating and listening to your body, share your tips and tricks with us in the comments!