German Stonehenge May Have Been the Site of Human Sacrifices



When two archaeologists excavated an ancient site known as the “German Stonehenge,” they were expecting to uncover axes, animal bones, and drinking vessels. But André Spatzier and François Bertemes stumbled upon something much different – and more sinister.

Photo Credit: iStock

The duo found the dismembered bodies of 10 women and children at the site called Pӧmmelte in northeastern Germany. One body had its hands tied behind its back, and four of them suffered from skull trauma and rib fractures before death. The position of the bodies suggests they were thrown into a burial shaft. All of this evidence has caused researchers to question whether Pӧmmelte may have been used for human sacrifice. The site was used for 300 years before it was destroyed around 2050 BCE.

Photo Credit: US Air Force

Amazingly, Pӧmmelte wasn’t discovered until 1991, when it was spotted by aerial photographers after the fall of the Berlin Wall.