Here Are 6 Tips That Could Make Your Next Hotel Stay Much More Comfortable



Some people love staying at hotels, but even if it can be sort of a fun adventure, the fact of the matter remains that you’re still without the comforts of home – and often, issues crop up that maybe, just maybe, could have been avoided.

Here are 6 tips from the professionals of the industry that should help ensure your next trip out of town is as comfortable as possible.

#6. There are several ways to get a better price on a room

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Use a booking service like Trivago to find the best possible deal, first of all. But before you book there, call the hotel directly and give them the chance to match the price – they often will, since if you book directly with them, they don’t have to pay the commission fee to the booking site.

You may also be able to get additional discounts by mentioning you’re a repeat customer or booking a 12-hour stay as opposed to a 24-hour one.

#5. Know the check-in rules

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Don’t arrive before 2pm and expect to have your room ready. Also, don’t check out late and expect not to be charged. It’s your job to be aware of check-in and check-out times and to ask for exceptions in advance should you require them.

#4. Be aware of freebies

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You don’t need to pack everything – extra pillows, blankets, hair dryers, toiletries, umbrellas, fans, chargers, tea/coffee pots, and a bunch of other things can be provided if you only call and ask. In addition, if your hotel features a concierge service, they’ll be able to reserve a taxi or a table at a restaurant, free of charge.

If it’s your anniversary, birthday, or you’re on your honeymoon, make sure they’re aware. Most hotels will leave you a little something to help celebrate.

#3. Always have I.D.

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Your passport is preferable, especially if you’re traveling out of the country.

#2. Get your money’s worth out of the food

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If your hotel provides a complimentary breakfast and you won’t be partaking, you can usually ask that your bill be lowered accordingly. Conversely, if you would like a complimentary breakfast but won’t have time to eat it/leave before breakfast hours, the staff will likely be happy to pack you one to go.

If you have special dietary concerns, you should always call ahead and ask whether they’ll be able to accomodate you.

#1. Expect your linens to be fresh

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Most hotels will change your towels every day at your request (some have signs stating that they only change them every other day to preserve water unless you ask otherwise) and linens should be changed every day of your stay.