Here Are Some of the Most Wholesome Things That Happened Last Decade

©Unsplash,Allef Vinicius


It’s been a long 10 years, but a lot of great things have happened along the way. A lot of wholesome things that put a smile on our face and made us remember that the good will always outshine the bad.

Here are some incredibly wholesome things from the 2010s that you might have missed!

1. Mom is back home from Afghanistan.

2. Help from a stranger.

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3. A very kind act.

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4. Best friends forever.

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5. Help each other out!

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6. This is all for me?

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7. This cat was very excited when this soldier came home.

8. Meet me “deer” friends.

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9. Of course we can!

10. That is great!

11. This kid is going places.

12. Adorable.

13. An ongoing Tinder joke.

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14. This is a nice story.

Ahhhhhh, that’s better! I love me some good wholesomeness!

How did the last decade treat you? Share some high points with us in the comments!

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